Minecraft : How To Make A Portal To THANOS!(Ps3/Xbox360/PS4/XboxOne/PE/MCPE)

Minecraft : How To Make A Portal To THANOS! For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One and Minecraft Pocket Edition./MCPE

Also Minecraft Ps3 edition and ps4 edition because all console editions are technically the same apart from the new xbox one bedrock version of minecraft which is different.

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Songs I Use –
โ™ซ – C418 – Sweden (Caution & Crisis Remix)
โ™ซ – Nivro – YOU [NCS Release]
โ™ซ – Spektrem – Shine [NCS Release]
โ™ซ – DEAF KEV – Invincible [NCS Release]
โ™ซ – Itro Tobu – Cloud 9 [NCS Release]
โ™ซ – Laszlo – Fall To Light NCS Release
โ™ซ – Killercats – Kaibu NCS Release
โ™ซ – Tobu – Candyland [NCS Release]
โ™ซ – Disfigure – Blank VIP (feat. Tara Louise) [NCS Release]

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