1 year of Fortnite Mobile

Hjello guys… Hope you enjoyed and that you learned something new.

Twitter: @f_npro Lillgryn

Blade❤️❤️: https://discord.gg/Dfq4F5J

Song: https://youtu.be/1gOQiFEwnZ8

Donate: https://streamlabs.com/

Discord: Lillgryn#2939

Ign: Lillgryn

•What device you play on?
”iPad Pro 2018”

•How do I play?
”6 finger claw”

•What is your sensitivity
Touch sensitivity: “0.20”
Vertical sensitivity: “0,80”
Scope and ADS sensitivity: “0,80”


•Where you live?
”Sweden (EU)”

•U build is suck

•How do you stream and record?
“I use an elgato HD60 S and OBS as overlay”

•What is your editing program?
”Cute cut”

•What is your highest kill game?


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