ASPHALT 9: FUNNY MOMENTS, TRICKS and FAILS #3 | I miss you, guys! =(

Heeey! Can we heat 1000 likes?? 😉

For those of you who doesn’t know, I transfered my account to ios. And there is a screen recorder issue on Iphone Xr, Xs, so i couldn’t upload Asphalt 9 videos =( Gameloft know about this problem, but couldn’t fix it yet…I miss you all, miss daily videos…and hope i’ll be back soon….
This is an old funny moments from Android multiplayer and events. Hope you like it ^_^

Soundtrack: 218 Alban Chela – DGAF

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Gamepad for Asphalt9:
Moga Rable Power (46$)
Steelseries Nimbus (5$)
Steelseries Stratus XL (120$)
Gamevice Controller (89$)
Info from Gameloft CC. Probably other should also work fine.

Device: Nokia 8(4Gb). Tilt 79%. Action. Horizon off.

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Discord: ZegnaMike5560

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