Asphalt 9 – Happy New Year🏆6⭐️Chiron😈1:04:395 (Himalayas Cave Heat) [60FPS FHD]

I believed that’s the fastest legit time on both Windows & Android platforms🤠. Could be 1:03:xxx without some mistakes. But I’m done with this cup since it’s all hackers in top 10 anyways 😒.
I did 1:06:896 in the Chiron special event day 15 TLE. Could still improve at least 0.5~1sec faster. I won’t be uploading until the cup is over (for few reasons I’m not gonna mention here). But after the cup ends I’ll upload my lap so stay tuned 😉.
P.S To those haters who still haven’t unlocked this car and only hate on people who saved enough tokens to unlock Chiron. You can F off with your stupid salty comments. Because I’ll delete/block/mute any1 who makes any hate comments forwards my videos! Especially to those cry babies who already quitted this game (you know who you are IvailoK & Frank 😜🖕)

Music: Emphatic – Stronger

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