Asphalt 9 – Hardest MP Season 1st Rank🏆Rewards x50 Fenyr BP!😍(Windows, Android & iOS Leader board)

Today it’s the happiest day I’ve ever had in Asphalt gaming in 4-5years!😊 It’s not just because I finished 1st🥇Rank on Windows. It’s because I’m seeing many of my team mates also doing extremely well on other platforms too! 😃
[Windows] 🔥 Legions United members 1st & 3rd position! 💪
(9 members from 2 of our clubs also made top 50!)
[Android] 🔥 Legions United member 1st position! 💪
(20+members from 2 of our clubs made Legend League which is the most for any Android clubs!)
[iOS] 🔥 FURY Team member 1st position! 💪

So being the 1st person to unlock Fenyr Supersport on both Android + Windows platforms was pretty special to me especially this is 1 of my favourite car! 😍

I know there are some people out there that have been talking 💩
about me or my teams (yes I’ve seen screenshot too). But at the same time I haven’t done anything wrong so I know they’re just haters 😏. But that’s life… you can be the real Lewis Hamilton, Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo dominating the sport as 1 of the all time best and you’ll still have bunch of haters 😂 (I’m only making an example not comparing me to them lol). So if you’re 1 of those guys… Next time think about why you hate? Is it becoz of envy/jealousy? Did that guy actually say or do anything wrong to you? If the answer is NO then the problem is within you and not on that person who succeed.

(Sorry for laggy video due to some unknown technical issue still remain unsolved…that’s why I still haven’t uploaded much lately…)

Music: Catas & Kasger – Blueshift [NCS Release]

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