Asphalt 9 – The most comprehensive analysis/guide of the game – Best and worst cars – Class Kings

Welcome to the most comprehensive analysis of the cars in Asphalt 9.

My analysis is based on the calculation of the Utilisation Factor -UF- for each car. This is a method I derived after discussing this topic with a lot of Pro/Elite players and my club members Hellas.

The UF is calculated as per below:

1) Find maximum stats for each stat in the class
2) For each car, find the ratio of it’s stats to the maximum of it’s class.
3) Multiply these ratio’s by a weight, to normalise the results, then add them together.
4) The result is a number, which I call UF, between 0 and 1.
5) Rank all cars in each class, starting from the car with the highest UF which is the king of the class

For each class, I assumed some weights which represent the significance of each stat in the overall ranking system.
Starting with class D where top speed is the most critical parameter with 80% weight significance (cars are slow and top speed is maintained easily) to class S where top speed and acceleration are essentially equally important.
Handling and nitro were found to not significantly change their importance throughout all classes with weights varying from 5-10%.

Weights in each class:
D class: Top speed=0.8 , Acceleration=0.1 , Handling=0.05 , Nitro=0.05
C class: Top speed=0.75 , Acceleration=0.1 , Handling=0.075, Nitro=0.075
B class: Top speed=0.675, Acceleration=0.15, Handling=0.1 , Nitro=0.075
A class: Top speed=0.65 , Acceleration=0.15, Handling=0.1 , Nitro=0.1
S class: Top speed=0.45 , Acceleration=0.4 , Handling=0.1 , Nitro=0.05

Example calculations for Jesko:
Maximum stats in S-class: Top speed=496.6 (Jesko), Acceleration=88.49 (Battista) , Handling=101.81 (Senna) , Nitro=78.26 (Battista)
Jesko max stats: Top speed=496.6 , Acceleration=80.07 , Handling=48.19 , Nitro=58.23
Ratios of Jesko stats to max stats: 1, 0.905, 0.473, 0.744
Ratios when multiplied by the weight: 0.45, 0.362, 0.047, 0.032
Add all ratios together to get UF: 0.896 = 89.6%

These ‘example calculations’ are undertaken automatically for every car.

I am also evaluating the cars in terms of cost. The more ‘$’ signs the car has next to it the more expensive it is to upgrade. See legend below for how much it costs to upgrade to max in each class:
D class: $= 606 200, $$= 746 200, $$$=1 939 960, $$$$=3 878 680 credits
C class: $= 1 086 800, $$= 2 537 720, $$$=5 073 840, $$$$=10 444 120 credits
B class: $= 1 586 960, $$= 3 736 720, $$$=7 468 600, $$$$=12 369 280, $$$$$= 21 999 560 credits
A class: $= 4 554 880, $$= 7 544 240, $$$=11 975 160, $$$$=15 929 800, $$$$$=32 207 600 credits
S class: $= 8 648 400, $$= 14 176 160, $$$=42 486 000 credits

I aim to update this analysis at regular interval to keep this list up-to-date for everyone.

Special thanks to FeuerrmFilms, Jair Ramirez, RpM Mingz, RpM_Doudy 1806 and all my club members who helped with their comments in my previous video.


9 thoughts on “Asphalt 9 – The most comprehensive analysis/guide of the game – Best and worst cars – Class Kings

  • August 13, 2020 at 5:18 am

    The asterion is the real king due to rivalling the jesko the Chiron and the regera due to better nitro even though it’s mediocre

  • August 13, 2020 at 5:18 am

    Actually, the Nissan Leaf is a good car. Volkswagen is the worst, not the Leaf. Now Elise is a damn good car. I see this is one of those bogus car analysis/guides. The GTR is one of the best cars in its class the Vulcan is the one that sucks.

  • August 13, 2020 at 5:18 am

    Thanks for the ahare 😁👍🙏🙏
    but my car configuratin is like this
    D : DS, Lotus all trek also Sherby and Murai for some track
    C : Revani, H2 Viper, Accura and Husarya
    B Asterion, cien, SCG, corvette, Aston Martin and Hurracan
    A: Viper, P1, Aventador, VLF,. Huraya, Phorse spider, Genly
    S : FXXK, Lykwn, Egoista, Nemesis and Bugati

    I think that a good car some car good in MP too, thats my opinion for all class car, some maybe a good but I dont have it so i cant comment anything

  • August 13, 2020 at 5:18 am

    I am also thinking of producing a similar video in which I rank ALL the cars together..That way a car in class C might be ranked higher than a car in class B and so on. What do you guys think? Should I do it?


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