Fallout 4 immersive Mods # 3: Gravel Redone 4K & Vivid Fallout – Roads and Bridges

(Video has been timed stamped)
Another immersive mod video for your enjoyment. Each mod featured here adds much-needed realism or improvement to fallout 4 in my humble opinion.

Vehicle Overhaul by Quaz30 8:06
OJO BUENO EXPRESSO MACHINE – 4K 2K 1K by tapioks 2:56
OJO BUENO HAM RADIO – 2K 1K by tapioks
PreWar Binoculars by a_blind_man 0:59
Gravel Redone 4K by Doodlezoid and texture lib people 5:27
Ballin with Benjamins. by NotSoMLG Alli 0:20
Vivid Fallout – Roads and Bridges by Hein84 11:30
Grab the Damn Mag by Monkatraz 14:32

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