Minecraft: How To Minecraft Ep. 1: WE'RE IN!

Lets smash 200 likes for the first episode and I’ll upload the next whenever we manage to pass that mark (or tomorrow if we don’t hit it by then, but I believe in you guys~!). Please give this series love, I am so pumped for it.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChocoTheChocobo
Twitch (Livestreams!): http://www.twitch.tv/chocobochoco/

Welcome to How To Minecraft! A brand new 1.8 SMP for the most beautiful Minecraft youtubers out there. This is going to be a private Minecraft server made just for us to play on and enjoy the brand new Minecraft in it’s most simplistic form.

The How To Minecraft Map: http://minemap.net/HowToMinecraft

Current Members of How To Minecraft:
Rob: http://youtube.com/MrWoofless
Mitch: http://youtube.com/TheBajanCanadian
Vik: http://youtube.com/Vikkstar123HD
Preston: http://youtube.com/PrestonPlayz
Lachlan: https://www.youtube.com/CraftBattleDuty
Alia: http://youtube.com/MoreAliA
Jerome: http://youtube.com/JeromeASF
Scott & Ryan: http://youtube.com/LittleLizardGaming
Matt: http://youtube.com/TheNoochM
Ryan: http://youtube.com/xRpMx13
Tyler: http://youtube.com/logdotzip
Brandon: http://youtube.com/PeteZahHutt

Thanks to Brikkee for the thumbnail!


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