Next Car Game: Wreckfest – Gravel – First Lap Crash (build 6)

I never planned to record more Wreckfest until the next release, whenever that will be. They’re redoing the physics engine, and is sadly taking a lot longer than anyone expected. But I still load this up every now and then.

I liked this crash so much when it happened that I had to alt-tab out and load the recording software. In doing so, however, the in-game lighting got a little strange.

Anyway, one of the AI drivers decided to clip the back end of my car after exiting a turn near the front stretch.. which caused me to smash into the concrete wall. From there, it was nothing but chaos as other drivers hit me.
I ended up on my roof, and my own personal policy with this game is to not reset my car. Somehow it was still functional.

Not seen in the video is me just sitting there for two laps to see if someone would knock me back onto my wheels. Sadly, no.. so I retired from the race.

This game seriously needs an option to save a replay.. or something.


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