PSX Longplay [546] Colin McRae Rally 2 (Part 1 of 2)

Played by: MadMatty

Colin McRae Rally 2.0 released for the Playstation in the year 2000 by Codemasters. This is the PAL v1.0 release which I own and as usual with pal games is a higher resolution 512×512 after vertical doubling and you way want to aspect correct the video to 16:9 for original TV aspect.

Technically this is one of the best looking racing games on the PS1 and perhaps represents the pinnacle of the racing game genre on ps1 along with Toca3 and maybe Gran Turismo 2. Colin McRae Rally 2 has Three difficulty levels for playing through all 8 countries. On Novice you play through most tracks but do not unlock anything in the game. I have recorded Intermediate difficulty which has all the same tracks as novice while unlocking various cheats and bonus cars if you take 1st place overall in each country. While it starts of easy and does not penalise you too much overall, by the time you make it to Sweden you can feel the times tightening and towards the end becomes quite difficult and I had just a couple of seconds to spare. Expert mode unlocks further cheats and bonus cars and offers 2 more stages in each country. I did not record this as it would just take up too much time and times to beat are incredibly tight. It would require an almost perfect play.

Afterwards I show Arcade mode one Intermediate difficulty level. This unlocks some alternate car skins for the Lancer. The video gets a little messy as I originally did not intend to record anything else. I show off a single stage in Rally mode in the rain in Cockpit view to show how hard the game is to play in this mode. Cockpit view is strangely only available in rally mode. I then show Expert Arcade which unlocks skins for the Ford. Following this I show two unlocked time trial tracks and then just to finish off Arcade mode the Novice Arcade mode. After all this is done the Credit sequence unlocks and I end the video.

About Arcade Mode. The difficulty is off the charts in this game. The ai racers cheat their way to the front as they are not affected by mud/gravel/corners to slow them down. Intermediate was difficult enough, but Expert is on another Level. One single mistake such as catching the mud on a single wheel and you may as well quit and go home. It has taken me 3 days to record 6 tracks in this mode … I block as much as I can, but if they slip past they are gone. It has to be a game bug as its just unreal how difficult it is. Only the impresa and the ford have any chance of beating it due to there grip and breaks stats. Also I found out the hard way that you cannot unlock Class A championship if using one of the unlocked bonus cars.

Part1: Intermediate Rally
00:00:00 – Finland
00:31:45 – Greece
01:06:22 – France
01:38:24 – Sweden
02:13:28 – Australia
02:43:48 – Kenya
03:13:30 – Italy
03:42:50 – United Kingdom


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