Remnants – Hardcore Zombie Survival – Metal Fragments & Gravel & Sulfur – A Better Backpack – Ep06

Remnants is a first-person open world survival sandbox featuring, solo, co-op, PvE and PvP gameplay.
Tackle starvation, dehydration, thermal conditions, radiation poisoning, and toxic gas inhalation while trying to keep your sanity intact. Shack up, cook some chicken, and make friends or enemies as you discover, explore, learn, build, and develop your skills and strategies needed to survive.

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Current features:
• online Single-player, Co-op, Online PvE and PvP sandbox experience.
• Crafting mechanics
• Dynamic base building with a tier system
• Dynamic weather systems
• Weapon attachment system
• Harvest and gather resources
• NPCs (Animals, Mutated Humans and more…)
• Farming with garden beds and pots.
• Cooking mechanics
• World day-night cycle
• Temperature changes based on time-of-day and season
• Character hunger/thirst/stamina mechanics
• Basic character clothing and gadget system
• Basic clan system that allows base access levels
• Power grid system (some buildable items require electricity to function)
• Basic quest system, each quest giving a unique reward
• Airdrop system with 3 drop types
• Random town and forest loot spawns
• Radiation zones and NPCs
• Blueprint system (find blueprints to unlock new crafting items)
• Research system (research base construction with your hard earned points to further develop your base)


One thought on “Remnants – Hardcore Zombie Survival – Metal Fragments & Gravel & Sulfur – A Better Backpack – Ep06

  • April 7, 2021 at 3:55 pm

    I'm not sure how to make the metal plates in game but I have found some in game. The workbench has tool slots on the right side and maybe we can unlock or find an anvil or something that goes in the tool slots to allow crafting of other higher grade items. Hope this helps! Thanks for the videos.


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