ASMR – NEW SUPER MARIO BROS (DS) – EP 03 – Relaxing Whispers!

Episode 3 of my ASMR game play video series of “New Super Mario Bros.” for the Nintendo DS. Very relaxing with lots of tingly whispers and controller button clicking. Perfect way to help you fall asleep. This episode features gameplay from World 2 and World 3.

This video contains:
-Whispers & Rambling
-Soothing controller sounds
-Some Mouth sounds & Lip smacking
-Game play

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From Wikipedia:
“New Super Mario Bros.[a] is a platform video game in the New Super Mario Bros. series developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. It was first released in May 2006 in North America and Japan and in PAL regions the following month. It is a part of the New Super Mario Bros. subseries of the Super Mario franchise, and follows Mario as he fights his way through Bowser’s henchmen to rescue Princess Peach. Mario has access to several power-ups that help him complete his quest, including the Super Mushroom, the Fire Flower, and the Super Star, each giving him unique abilities. While traveling through eight worlds with a total of 80 levels, Mario must defeat Bowser Jr. and Bowser before saving Princess Peach.”

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