Asphalt 8 – Breaking the Speed of Light (1079252848.8 km/h+)

Time to test the speed limits of Asphalt 8. (it’s just a game, don’t take it too seriously)
In my previous test, I was testing what made the Biome so fast compared to the other cars. Now with the McLaren MP4/8 tested, it clearly isn’t the acceleration that made the Biome faster.
I figured out what was limiting the acceleration and this time I tried to make the Biome even faster, to the point where you can’t really see anything anymore 😀
The speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s and multiply that by 3.6 to get 1079252848.8 km/h. I managed to reach 1485626496 km/h during this test so I did cross the speed of light. (I could’ve gone higher but not point in doing that since the car’s already flying)
Also the highest ground speed I reached (without flying off) was 20000 km/h+ but I didn’t record that 🙁
***This test was purely for fun and has no real application during gameplay***
As always,
Thanks for watching!!!

JPB – Up & Away
(The car really be going up & away XD)


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