Asphalt: Urban GT (Java Game – 2004) – Gameloft By: GamesSky

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The mobile version of Asphalt: Urban GT takes you through eight cities with nine exotic sports cars. You can jump into the action right away choosing instant play or go for a career in the arcade mode. New cars and tracks are unlocked gradually as you increase your earnings. In the regular races you take on seven competitors, and in the duel mode you go head to head. Before each duel, you can place a bet to double your money.

To gain the edge while racing, boost items need to be collected to increase your speed. You can also gain boost by skimming by other cars or by drifting, using a key to take sharp turns. The courses are filled with obstacles, and the police will often show up using cars to bump you off the road, or using helicopters to disable your vehicle’s mechanics. You can collect additional money by picking up dollar signs or showing off your speed on police radars. Next to the standings after a race, extra cash is awarded if you scratch or bump other cars, or evade the police.

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