Beyond Good and Evil 2 Reportedly “Lacks Direction,” Feels “Years Away” – Rumors

While Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones is finally on the verge of release after numerous delays and reboots, it still has Beyond Good and Evil 2 to worry about. The sequel to the beloved 2003 action-adventure title was officially announced at E3 2016. However, news of its development has been doing the rounds even earlier, and there’s still no discernible release date.

Insider Tom Henderson reported that external playtesting was starting last month. Two sources provided images and video with the latter somehow “far more incomplete” than Ubisoft’s gameplay from December 2018. In a new report on ExtrudeHenderson said he believes that the game has been overhauled since then.

Sources have also told him that the sequel feels “years away” and currently “lacks direction.” Another source commented that they had “no idea what I was doing when playing.” Creating a character is possible with presets and different species like sharks and pandas available to choose. But while the playtests may indicate some upcoming reveal, Henderson notes that there have been no rumors or official details on the same.

So if you’re holding out for Beyond Good and Evil 2 to re-appear at Ubisoft Forward on September 10thit’s best to temper expectations. On the bright side, former Blizzard narrative designer Sarah Arellano has joined the game recently as its lead writer.

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