BGMI releases fix to help players claim Mirror World Lobby Theme

Krafton has released a fix for a bug that affected players after the 1.7 update. The bug in question is an issue wherein players were not able to claim the Mirror World Lobby Theme. With the new fix, this issue should be resolved and players will be able to check it out. In order to claim the Mirror World Lobby Theme, players need to head on over to the Recommended Event Center.

BGMI 1.7 update

The Mirror World Theme was added as part of the 1.7 update for BGMI that rolled out a few days back. The theme is a part of the game’s collaboration with the League of Legends Arcane animated series on Netflix. This part of this, a Mirror Island will now appear in the sky after some time. Players will be able to enter this island by using the Wind Wall on the ground. When they enter the mode, the player’s character will transform into one of four legends from the League of Legends Arcane animated series. This includes Jinx, Vi, Jayce and Caitlyn. Players can then kill a monster on Mirror Island with the character’s weapons and skills.

Players will also get Hexcrystals as a reward when they kill a monster. These can then be exchanged for a battle item. Once the character is dead or the playtime on the Mirror Island is done, players will return to the normal map.

There is also another crossover with Liverpool FC. Players can partake in a number of events featuring the football team. This includes Event sections such as You’ll Never Walk Alone that offer rewards like the Liverpool FC parachute, the Liverpool FC backpack and the Liverpool FC jersey.

The update also added a bunch of new gameplay features. One notable new addition is the introduction of a piggyback feature in the game’s Classic mode. Now, players can carry any downed teammate or enemy. It should be noted that when carrying a player, the player’s movement speed will be reduced and they won’t be able to use any items or board vehicles. Further, the downed player’s HP will continue to decrease when carried.

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