Black Friday Xbox controller deals 2022: everything we expect to see in November

Black Friday Xbox controller deals will officially kick off next month, which means there’s plenty of time to prep for your new setup. Whether you’re upgrading to something a little more premium, swapping out a failing set of buttons, or adding to your couch co-op roster, you’re sure to find plenty of discounts across this range come November. We regularly see Microsoft itself discounting its pads, as well as savings from brands like Thrustmaster, Razer, Nacon, and Turtle Beach during these sales – so you’re covered whatever budget you’re working with.

We’ve been keeping a close eye out for the best Xbox Series X controllers of the year, but many of these gamepads also work with older consoles and PC as well. That means we know exactly which models will be offering up the best value in this year’s Black Friday Xbox controller deals, but also how much you should be paying for them. That’s because we’ve been tracking cheap Xbox controllers for years now, so we know exactly what a good deal looks like and exactly where to find it.

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