Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 Final Snow update – Everything you need to know

The new season of Call of Duty: Mobile is here. Called Season 11: Final Snow, the update should start rolling out to players and everyone should get it over the coming days. As has always been the case, the new season update brings with it a whole new set of additions including new maps, weapons, and game modes. There will also be a brand new Battle Pass for players to go through and earn rewards.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 Final Snow – Details

The new Season 11 Final Snow update for Call of Duty: Mobile will include two new weapons. This includes the PKM LMG and the D13 Sector launcher. There is also a new operator skill. Aside from this, players can also earn weapon blueprints, calling cards, charms, COD Points (CP), and more.

The new map added to Multiplayer mode is called Icebreaker. This map was first set in Call of Duty: Black Ops4 and features a wrecked submarine as its main staging area. Activation notes that this map will also mark the introduction of swimming in Multiplayer mode.

Further, Undead Siege mode makes a return in the Blackout map along with a new Nightmare mode. This time around, the game will have a longer duration and the Undead will now be faster and deal extra damage. In order to combat this, players will have access to new legendary turrets.

There is also a new Multiplayer mode called Snow Scuffle. In keeping with the winter theme, players will battle it out using snowballs. Further, mystery gift boxes will randomly pop up for players that can be collected. Each box will give players a select prop when picked up. When players are defeated, they will turn into a pile of snowballs. Players will need to collect these piles of snowballs and bring them back to their capture point to increase their team’s score. The first team to reach a set score wins.

Finally, Activision has announced a new Creator Club and Custom Bundles. The developers plan to launch a limited beta for a mobile-exclusive Creator Club to partner with creators and grow the Call of Duty: Mobile ecosystem. As part of the launch celebrations, the game will include three of its top content creators as custom in-game characters. This will include Ferg, HawksNest or BobbyPlays.

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