Violation and Refusal

If you feel that there is one content on our web that violates your copyright or some Search Results reference for illegal content, please contact us via email admin@pojokirasi.com or through the contact form that we provide on this web in accordance with the applicable provisions and provide us with clear and accurate evidence and information.

Please patiently wait until 1-3 working days we will immediately follow up on your message. Please be aware that your complaints to other parties such as Hosting Providers, ISPs and other third parties will not speed up your requests. We will definitely respond to your message if the complaint is addressed properly and correctly.

Information we need 

Please note that we will only deal with messages that meet the following requirements:

Please give us your name, address and telephone number. We reserve the right to verify this information.
Describe copyrighted material that is affected.
Please provide a url link that violates the right and correct copyrights.
If the case of a file with contents is illegal, explain briefly the contents in two or three points.
Please ensure that you can receive further questions from us at the e-mail address you entered.
Please use English or Indonesian only, so we can easily read it.


Messages from anonymous or incomplete we will not respond. Thank you for your understanding.


Our web aims well, namely to provide positive inspiration for visitors. In accordance with our tagline “Proud become a gamer” that not all of the content on this web comes from us, but also from outside parties that have inspired us to post / repost the content, but we will certainly and always provide source information or where the content comes from that is. So if there is an error we post without permission or violate copyright, we are willing to fix it or delete it, if the original creator content requires.

This web is hosted in an official place and is not illegal hosting, as is file or software. We respect the copyright law and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). If you see any illegal content on this web, please report it to us via email admin@pojokirasi.com We will delete it in 1-3 business days.



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