Elden Ring Patch 1.06 Explained – Nerfs, Buffs, and Fixes – GS News Updates

Elden Ring is getting some of its biggest changes yet, a new Xbox Elite controller could be coming soon, and Skyrim gets a fun mod. All this on today’s GameSpot News.

A new patch for Elden Ring, 1.06, is now live, and it brings with it some massive adjustments. Previously in the game, you could only put down one summon sign at a time. Even leaving an area would be enough to stop the summon sign from functioning. With this newest patch, players can place multiple summon signs and invade larger areas. This means that it will be easier to pick up some PvP or run around the world while waiting to get summoned for a boss.

The oft-used and oft-maligned ash of war Bloodstone Step has been nerfed, with decreased distance and fewer invincibility frames, as well as growing less effective with repeated use.

Another notorious skill, Corpse Piler, now has decreased damage and blood buildup when hit with the blood portion of the attack. Damage caused by hitting enemies with the blade itself has only been slightly decreased.

Other changes make Greatswords, Curved Greatswords, and Great Hammers quicker and an increased roll distance with a light equip load. The patch also fixes dozens of bugs and will now warn players if they are in possession of an unauthorized item such as Deathbed Smalls aka Fia’s underwear. Earlier this year a player ironically named Pantsu Dealer invaded worlds and left the cursed item behind for unsuspecting players to pick up. This resulted in tons of 180-day ban reports from users on Elden Ring’s subreddit. At least now you’ll know ahead of time to toss them because the ban hammer is dropped.

The community response to the patch, thus far, has been overwhelmingly positive. Quote tweets and comments abound rejoice at the implemented nerfs and even the buffs to larger and heavier weapons.

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