Everything You Need To Know About Spy Gameplay Mode In COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 Train to Nowhere added some new content to the game including a multiplayer map and a themed event called Operation: Spy Hunt. As part of Operation: Spy Hunt, Activision has added a new gameplay experience to their Battle Royale mode. The Super Spy Game Mode adds ways to earn more rewards and grants the players some buffs, but not without a cost. Here is everything you need to know about Super Spy Game Mode in COD Mobile.

Spy Gameplay Mode: How does it work?

Players can access this game mode normally by queueing up for the Isolated map in battle royale. Once on Isolated, players will be able to spot Data Cache with spy intelligence located on the map. You can spot the Cache marked with an orange hexagon on the mini-map.

If players decide to pick up the data cache, they will have access to infinite ammo. Shooting will not consume any ammo but you will need to reload the gun after your magazine finishes firing. Players who pick up the cache will also be able to see nearby enemies, marked as ‘threats’ on the top left corner of their screen.

However, note that players who pick up the cache will also be visible to all other enemies on the map. You will be marked as an orange dot on everyone’s mini-maps. This means you’ll attract a lot more attention. You’ll also earn a lot more event rewards like the Lerch — Gumshoe, the GKS — Claw, and the Charm — Servant of Doom if you manage to win a game after picking up the data cache.

Note that only one data cache spawns per battle royale match so if an enemy or your teammate picks it up, only they will be able to enjoy the infinite ammo and post-game reward perks.

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