Fnatic Misses Out on TI11 Direct Invite by 0.05 DPC Points

Fnatic failed to clinch a win at the Arlington Major 2022 in its lower bracket match against beastcoast and hence failed to secure a direct invite to The International 2022 (TI11). Eastern European team Outsiders finished above Fnatic by virtue of 0.05 DPC points allowing themselves and Evil Geniuses to directly qualify for TI11.

The team’s failure to secure a direct invite for TI11 means that BOOM Esports will be the sole SEA team to directly qualify for the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year. So only, two SEA teams are confirmed to be representing the region at TI11 with two more playing in the Last Chance Qualifiers for TI11.

Fnatic will have to go through the SEA TI11 qualifiers to secure a spot in the tournament.

Fnatic loses to beastcoast and misses out on a direct invite to TI11

Game 1 was a brawl-heavy affair on both sides, with heroes, notably Beastcoast’s, capable to scoring early on. In the midlane, Chris Luck’s Snapfire was dominating Bryle Pangolier until a a couple of support rotations made his game much more difficult as he perished many times in a short period of time. As the combat continued, Fnatic looked to profit more, steadily building a lead. Beastcoast would sometimes get key kills with Wisper’s Batrider, but in 5v5 teamfights, Timado’s Phanton Lancer ran rampant as Fnatic won the first game in 45 minutes.

In game 2, beastcoast won all three lanes and just rolled over Fnatic to level the series. Despite Timado having a deathless game, Fnatic was unable to deliver enough damage as a team and lost the second game in only 26 minutes.

In game 3, Fnatic put its faith in Timado’s Phantom Lancer once more. The lanes did not work out as well as the team had intended, and it was unable to move around easily in the middle stages due to a shortage of stuns. Beastcoast remained in command of the game throughout, patiently advancing from one objective to the next. Only Timado had a solid game for Fnatic, and the squad was hoping for a comeback on the back of him. The squad showed signs of it by holding on for a long time, but ultimately lost in 45 minutes.

Following the win, K1 Hector stated that beastcoast did it for Evil Geniuses’ carry Arteezy in the in-game all chat.

The twelve teams who have secured a direct invite to TI11 are:

Southeast Asia is the only region that only has one team that secured a direct invite to TI11. All other region have atleast two teams who have secured direct invites to the tournament.

SEA will need to outplay the other regions in the Last Chance Qualifiers to ensure that their region will have more than two teams representing the region in the first ever SEA TI.

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