Garena Free Fire x Money Heist event gives players the chance to earn exclusive sports car skin

Garena Free Fire has partnered with the popular Netflix TV show Money Heist to offer players the chance to earn various in-game items. This includes skins for various in-game items. Players can unlock these via banknotes that they can earn by completing various in-game daily challenges.

Garena Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration: Details

The banknotes that players will earn by completing daily missions can be used to unlock the various rewards. The highlight is the exclusive Free Fire x Money Heist Sports Car. This event will go on till December 14. So players have another week to earn Banknotes.

Aside from this, players can also earn additional Money Heist themed items in the Reload Target Down event. The rewards include the Gold Vault Gloo Wall skin, Bag O’ Cash backpack and the Red Robster skin for the Vector SMG. This event will end on December 12.

Garena Free Fire was recently updated with the New Age patch that rebalanced some key in-game characters. The notable change was to Chronowho saw a considerable nerf to his ability. To recall, Chrono comes with an active ability that creates a force field around the user. Called Time Warp, this lets players fire out from inside the field, while any attack would be absorbed for a limited time. After the update, players on the inside of the force field will no longer be able to fire through the shield. To counter this, the HP of the shield has been increased to make it more durable.

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