How To Wall Jump In Apex Legends

Fast-paced battle royales like Apex Legends require players to be nimble on their feet, pull off slides, jumps, strafes and a combination of different movement techniques to survive. The wall jump is one such movement technique which seems impressive and intimidating when pulled off. However, once players know the exact mechanics behind it and practice enough, even casual players will be able to pull off a wall jump in Apex Legends with ease.

How to wall jump in Apex Legends

Wall jumping in Apex Legends involves finding a flat wall. Run towards the wall at a 45-degree angle. Slide jumping and strafe towards the wall using movement keys and turning your mouse towards the wall. The moment you hit the wall, press jump.

Take it to the next step by following YouTuber Fingle’s tip and binding your scroll wheel to jump and using it instead of the default spacebar. Note that using the scroll wheel to bounce of the wall may require some practice since you need to get the timing just right.

Another tip while perfecting this technique is to practice the first sequence of running at the wall at a 45-degree angle, slide jumping towards it and once you hit the wall release all keys/buttons. According to Fingle, this will help you transition better into actual wall jumping.

When do I wall jump in Apex Legends?

Wall jumps are versatile, they can be used to confuse enemies, quickly move towards and away from them. They allow your legend to use the wall to get a burst of movement speed or change direction quickly. You can also use them to quickly get over fences and other terrain. Use the technique to bamboozle the enemy into misjudging your position. Players are less likely to expect you to come at them from a higher angle and an unexpected direction when they chase you around a corner. Check out these clips below to see the various ways you can use this to your advantage (and also what not to do).

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