I Survived 100 Days in Minecraft Bedrock! [FULL MOVIE]

I Survived 100 Days in Minecraft Bedrock! In Minecraft Bedrock you pretty much have 1.8 Combat, Insane luck with structures, crazy trident luck, and more. There are also a lot of things that work differently than you’d think. Can I survive 100 days in this different landscape, or will I fall victim to its different mechanics? This is the story of how I Survived 100 Days in Minecraft Bedrock! [FULL MOVIE]

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@Luke TheNotable

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►Video Info
Seed: 313714641 (Version 1.18.31)
Minecraft Skin: https://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/19974771/bedrock-basicking/
0:00 Intro
0:21 Days 1-10
5:57 Days 10-20
10:41 Days 20-30
15:52 Days 30-40
22:00 Days 40-50
26:09 Days 50-60
31:50 Days 60-70
35:24 Days 70-80
40:30 Days 80-90
44:56 Days 90-99
51:10 Day 100 (You Better Have Watched This Far)
51:20 Outro

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