[ID] 2022 PMPL Indonesia W2D2 | Fall | WHEN THE TIGER STARTS ROAR

20 Indonesian professional teams will return to fight in the 2022 PMPL ID FALL battle ground arena. This is the time to prove who is the strongest team that will win 16 seats to reach the Country Final round The second week of the Country League has arrived, there are many changes and developments in the way of playing of the teams participating in the 2022 PMPL ID FALL tournament this time. GPX which in the first week was at the bottom of the standings, finally showed their true game and invaded the top standings with 56 points, followed by GPBR and BTR with a difference of 1 point between them. How is their league run for the next few days? Will there be a major change in the standings rankings? Look forward to it! Come on, stay tuned and support your favorite team in 2022 PMPL ID FALL!!💪🔥 Alter Ego Limax AURA ESPORTS Bigetron Red Aliens BNW 88 BOOM ESPORTS DEWA UNITED ESPORTS EVOS REBORN GEEK FAM ID GENESIS DOGMA GIDS DG ESPORTS GPX NFT ESPORTS Rex Regum Qeon RYU GPBR ESPORTS Skylightz Gaming VOIN ESPORTS 21 ESPORTS ONIC MORPH GGG 🇮🇩 HFX Esports Each team will fight 5 matches per day. Here is the map rotation for the Country League rounds: Sanhok – Erangel – Erangel – Miramar – Miramar Watch and look forward to 2022 PMPL ID FALL on: 20 July – 7 August (Country League) 26 August -28 August (Country Finals) 2022 PMPL ID FALL🏆 Official Smartphone Partner : @realmeindonesia Official Media Partner : @vidio official account www.vidio.com/@pubgmobileindonesia Youtube : PUBG Mobile Indonesia Youtube : PUBG Mobile Esports Vidio : PUBG Mobile Indonesia Fanpage : PUBG MOBILE (ID ) Fanpage : PUBG MOBILE Esports Indonesia 0:00:00 Countdown 2022 PMPL ID FALL W2 D2 0:26:34​ Opening 2022 ID FALL W2 D2 0:42:53 First Match – Sanhok and Match Analysis 1:47:49​ Second Match – Erangel and His Match Analysis 2:42:26​​​ Third Match – Erangel and His Match Analysis 3:33:49​​ Fourth Match – Miramar and His Match Analysis 4:22:10​​ Fifth Match – Miramar and Match Analysis #PUBGMOBILE #2022PMPLIDFALL #PUBGMIndonesia #PUBGM #ESPORTS #MOBI LEESPORTS #PUBGMOBILEESPORTS #BeTheOne #RealmeXPMPLSEA #RealmeXPMPLID


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