Krafton offers Winter Carnival coupon code to all players for free: Here’s how to redeem it

Krafton Inc has announced that players can redeem a special coupon code as a “token of gratitude” for the delayed update. To recall, the game was supposed to be updated quite a while back, but a delay in the App Store review meant that the update could not be pushed out. The code is for the Winter Carnival crate and can be redeemed by any PUBG: New State player.

PUBG: New State – How to redeem Winter Carnival crate

According to the tweet posted by the developers, the code for the crate is WINTERCARNIVAL15 and players will have to head over to the redemption website in order to claim it. The redemption website can be accessed from here.

It should be noted that the code for the crate will expire on January 6, 00:59 UTC. So players have a little bit of time before it expires.

To recall, the PUBG: New State update was rolled out a few days ago and brought with it a bunch of new additions to the game. This includes a new weapon, new weapon attachments and two new vehicles. Players will now be able to pick up the L85A3 assault rifle out in both Erangel and Troi. The new bullpup-style assault rifle uses the 5.56mm ammo type and is said to offer low recoil. The developers note that the gun offers the highest damage of all 5.56mm assault rifles and performs well in mid to long-range engagements. However, it has a comparatively low fire rate.

The two new vehicles are the Electron and the Mesa. The Electron is a 6-seater electric minibus that offers higher durability than most other vehicles. The Mesta is a 2-seater petrol-powered sports car that offers quick acceleration as well as top speed.

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