Minecraft Live 2022 is back

That’s right, our epic livestream is back on October 15 at noon EDT! Get all your Minecraft, Dungeons, and Legends news by tuning into our YouTube channel or watching right here on Minecraft.net.

The Return of the Mob Vote

Last year, the community voted for the allay to join Minecraft. This year, you will get to vote for a new mob but we’re doing things a little bit differently. Instead of voting on Twitter, you will now be able to vote in a special Bedrock server, the Minecraft launcher, or here on Minecraft.net! The polls open on October 14, noon EDT which means that you will have a full 24 hours to cast your vote, (and change it as many times as you like!) while also keeping the results a total surprise until the announcement is made during the show.

You will find all the information you need leading up to the event on Minecraft.net/liveso stay tuned!

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