Minecraft Survival Indonesia (Ep.1) : Inilah Dunia Baru Kita!!!

Welcome to the new Minecraft Survival Indonesia adventure with me Sayya. Because Minecraft has been updated to the latest version, namely Minecraft 1.19, so I also decided to start a new adventure in a new world. In this first episode I will introduce our new place to live and fulfill some basic things such as bed, food, full iron armor, farming, and raising livestock. Hope you enjoyed!!! Watch the full series on the Minecraft Survival Indonesia playlist: –Mods & Texture Pack– Texture Pack: Default Minecraft Vanilla Optifine: Vanilla Tweaks: Jerm’s Better Leaves: Email: superrrsayya@gmail.com Instagram: @sayyaisme –Music– Dova Syndrome : BGM President: Timelapse Music: Tommyinnit Playlist: Minecraft 1.19 Minecraft Indonesia Minecraft Survival Minecraft Survival Indonesia Minecraft Let’s Play Minecraft Let’s Play Indonesia #MinecraftSurvivalIndonesia #MinecraftIndonesia SAYYA – 2022


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