A Detailed Guide to Eliminating Lag on Aternos! (2021 Aternos Tutorials)

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# How to Remove Lag on Your Minecraft Server
## Introduction
Are you tired of experiencing lag while playing Minecraft on your server with friends? Well, worry no more! In this article, we will guide you through the process of removing lag from your Minecraft server. We understand that not everyone can follow instructions at a rapid pace, so we have slowed down our explanations to ensure everyone can easily understand and follow along. Let’s dive into the steps to eliminate lag from your Minecraft server.

## Step 1: Choosing the Right Server Software
Once you are on your Astronaut server, navigate to the software section and click on “Change.” Select the spigot bucket, which is recommended for optimal performance. Choose the version that suits your preference, such as 1.16.5, and initiate the download.

## Step 2: Installing the Clear Lag Plugin
To remove lag, you need a handy plugin called Clear Lag. Find the puzzle icon labeled “Plugins” and click on it. You should find the Clear Lag plugin on the front page. If not, simply search for “clear lag” with two “g’s” and press enter. Look for the option that says “Clear Lag – A New Perfect Way to Clear Common Lag in Your Server” and click on it. Make sure to select the latest version available.

## Step 3: Configuring Clear Lag
Upon selecting the plugin, head to the options section. If you are using a cracked Minecraft version, turn on the corresponding option. Otherwise, you can leave it as it is.

## Step 4: Starting Your Minecraft Game
Copy the server address provided and open your Minecraft game. Ensure that you choose the correct version, in this case, 1.16.5, before clicking on “Play.” Once your game loads, proceed to the next step.

## Step 5: Joining the Server
Click on the “Multiplayer” option in the Minecraft menu and then select “Proceed.” Add the server by pasting the server address or manually typing it. Click on “Done” and then choose “Join Server” or use the arrow button to connect to the server. Wait for the server to load.

## Step 6: Using Clear Lag Commands
Initially, your world might still experience some lag, which is normal for the first few minutes. If the lag persists, you can use specific commands to tackle it. Type “/lagg clear” to remove unnecessary entities around you. Alternatively, you can use “/lagg unload” to unload unnecessary chunks. Lastly, try using “/lagg gc” to optimize RAM usage.

## Additional Tips and Alternatives
If the lag issues persist, you can explore additional commands mentioned on the screen during gameplay. For advanced users, an alternative to Clear Lag is Plutus, which we have a dedicated video about (linked in the top right corner). If you are unable to enter these commands, grant yourself OP permission. You can refer to our video (linked in the top right corner) for guidance on obtaining OP privileges.

## FAQ
Here are some frequently asked questions related to removing lag from Minecraft servers:

**Q1: Does using the Clear Lag plugin affect gameplay or remove essential elements?**
A1: The Clear Lag plugin is designed to target and remove unnecessary elements that cause lag without impacting essential gameplay elements.

**Q2: Can I use Clear Lag on any Minecraft version?**
A2: Yes, Clear Lag is compatible with a wide range of Minecraft versions, including 1.16.5 and beyond. Make sure to select the version that matches your server.

**Q3: My server is still experiencing lag even after using Clear Lag commands. What should I do?**
A3: If the lag persists, you can try using additional commands mentioned on the screen during gameplay or explore alternative plugins like Plutus for more advanced optimization.

**Q4: Is it safe to grant myself OP permission to enter commands?**
A4: Granting yourself OP permission is generally safe, but it’s important to be cautious and only use it when necessary. Our video guide provides detailed steps for obtaining OP privileges safely.

**Q5: How can I support the creator of this video?**
A5: If you found this video helpful, consider subscribing to the creator’s channel to show your support and receive more useful content. Every new subscriber counts!

In conclusion, removing lag from your Minecraft server is now within your reach. By following the steps outlined in this article and using the Clear Lag plugin, you can enjoy a smoother gameplay experience with your friends. Don’t hesitate to explore additional commands and alternative plugins if necessary. Happy gaming!

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