Cara Membuat Server Minecraft Gratis dengan TPS 20!

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Title: How to Create a Minecraft Server with Constant TPS in 2020

Welcome to another exciting video transcript from the main Razan channel. Today, we will learn how to create a Minecraft server with a constant TPS (Ticks Per Second) in 2020. This method is relatively new and is known as stps20. Let’s dive right in!

How to Create a Minecraft Server with Constant TPS in 2020:
Before we get into the technical details, please note that the products mentioned in this video are not affiliated with or any fanbase. They are products available in a different store. You can find more information in the video description, along with a link to our Discord community.

To create a Minecraft server with constant TPS in 2020, follow these steps:

Step 1: Register an Account:
Start by visiting the hosting platform, Knight, mentioned in the video. You can check the video description for any available discounts. Create an account by clicking on the provided link. Fill in the registration form with your email, username, and other necessary details.

Step 2: Login to Your Account:
After completing the registration process, login to your account using the password you created and the registered email. This will take you to the main dashboard.

Step 3: Choose Your Hosting Plan:
Within the dashboard, select your preferred hosting plan. In this example, we will choose the free plan. However, there are different options available, such as 1GB and 2GB plans. Choose the plan that suits your requirements the best.

Step 4: Server Setup:
Once you have selected your hosting plan, proceed to set up your server. This involves configuring the server’s settings, such as the version and status. Choose the appropriate Minecraft version and make any necessary adjustments. We recommend selecting Java.

Step 5: Reinstall and Configure:
After selecting the version, reinstall the server and follow the instructions provided. This will ensure that your server is properly set up and ready to use.

Step 6: Accessing the Server:
Once the server is successfully installed, you can access it. Search for the server name, copy the AC server, and paste it into your Minecraft client. This will allow you to connect to your newly created server.

FAQ Section:
Now let’s address some frequently asked questions about creating a Minecraft server with constant TPS:

1. Can I use the 1.17 or latest version for this server?
We recommend avoiding the 1.17 or latest version for this server setup. Since the available memory is limited to 2GB, it is better to choose a lower version to prevent server overload.

2. What happens if I exceed the memory limit?
Exceeding the memory limit, especially with versions like 1.18, can overload the server and cause performance issues. Stick to the advised memory range to ensure smooth server operation.

3. Can I have multiple games running on this server?
Running multiple games simultaneously may not be possible with this free server plan. It is recommended to use additional resources or opt for a paid hosting plan if you require multiple games.

4. Can I create multiple accounts to receive more free server posts?
Creating multiple accounts for more free server posts may not work as expected. The server provider may have detection systems in place to prevent exploitation.

5. Where can I get more detailed information if I still have questions?
If you have any further questions or need more detailed information, feel free to comment in the video description. Our community members and video creators will assist you with any queries you may have.

Creating a Minecraft server with constant TPS is an exciting endeavor. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can set up your own server and enjoy seamless gameplay. Remember to choose the appropriate version and hosting plan, and be mindful of the memory limitations to ensure optimal performance. Happy gaming!

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