How Do You Make Cookies in Minecraft

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How Do You Make Cookies in Minecraft

How Do You Make Cookies in Minecraft

Obtaining Cocoa Beans

Before you can make cookies in Minecraft, you need to obtain cocoa beans. Cocoa beans can be found in dungeon chests, minecart chests in abandoned mineshafts, as fishing rewards, and in jungle temple chests.

Turning Cocoa Beans into Cocoa Powder

To turn the cocoa beans into cocoa powder, you need to place the beans in a crafting table. Each bean will yield one unit of cocoa powder. With cocoa powder in hand, you’re one step closer to making delicious cookies.

Gathering Wheat

The next ingredient you’ll need is wheat. Wheat can be grown by cultivating seeds found when harvesting tall grass. Plant the seeds on tilled soil near a water source, and wait for them to grow. Once fully grown, you can harvest the wheat by breaking the block. Harvesting the wheat will give you one to three pieces of wheat.

Combining Ingredients

Now that you have both the cocoa powder and wheat, it’s time to combine them to make cookies. Open your crafting table and place the cocoa powder in the leftmost column of the top row, and place the wheat in the center and rightmost columns of the middle row. This recipe will yield eight cookies.

Baking the Cookies

Once you have crafted the cookies, you can enjoy them right away. But if you prefer to have them baked, you can put them in a furnace or smoker. Place the cookies in the top slot and add a fuel source to the bottom slot, such as coal or wooden planks. After a short while, your cookies will be baked and ready to eat!

Usage of Cookies

Cookies in Minecraft can be consumed to restore hunger points. When you eat a cookie, it restores two hunger points, making it a handy food item to have during your adventures. Keep in mind that eating too many cookies at once may cause you to become thirsty, so make sure to have a water source nearby.

Crafting Rabbit Stews

If you’re looking for other food options, you can also use cookies as one of the ingredients to craft rabbit stews. To make a rabbit stew, you will need cooked rabbit, a carrot, a baked potato, and a bowl, along with two cookies. This hearty meal restores a significant amount of hunger and saturation points, making it a great choice for longer journeys.


Now that you know how to make cookies in Minecraft, you can enjoy this tasty treat while exploring the vast world of blocks and adventures. From gathering cocoa beans and wheat to combining the ingredients and baking the cookies, the process is both fun and rewarding. So take a break from mining and crafting, and treat yourself to some delicious virtual cookies!

1. Question: Can you make cookies in Minecraft?
Answer: Yes, you can make cookies in Minecraft by using wheat and cocoa beans as ingredients.

2. Question: How do you obtain wheat in Minecraft?
Answer: Wheat can be obtained by breaking fully-grown wheat crops or can be found in villages as crops.

3. Question: Where can I find cocoa beans in Minecraft?
Answer: Cocoa beans can be found in dungeons, jungle temples, and strongholds. They also generate in the form of small cocoa pods on jungle tree trunks.

4. Question: What ingredients do I need to craft cookies?
Answer: To craft cookies, you need to have 2 wheat and 1 cocoa bean in your inventory.

5. Question: How do I craft cookies in Minecraft?
Answer: To craft cookies, place 2 wheat items and 1 cocoa bean in the crafting table, either horizontally or vertically, in any order.

6. Question: Are cookies a good source of food in Minecraft?
Answer: While cookies can be made easily, they are not the best source of food as they only restore 1 hunger point.

7. Question: Can cookies be stacked in Minecraft?
Answer: Yes, cookies can be stacked up to 64 units in a single inventory slot.

8. Question: Are there any alternative uses for cookies in Minecraft?
Answer: Yes, cookies can be used to tame parrots, but other than that, they primarily serve as a food item.

9. Question: Can animals in Minecraft eat cookies?
Answer: No, animals in Minecraft cannot eat cookies; they have their own specific food preferences.

10. Question: Are there any specific achievements associated with cookies in Minecraft?
Answer: No, there are no specific achievements related to cookies in Minecraft.

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