How Do You Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft

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How Do You Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft

How Do You Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft

What are Polar Bears in Minecraft?

Polar Bears are neutral mobs that roam around the icy biomes in the game Minecraft. They may appear cute, but they can also become a great companion if tamed correctly.

Locating Polar Bears

If you want to tame a Polar Bear, you first need to find one. Polar Bears can commonly be found in snowy tundra, snowy mountains, and iceberg biomes. They usually spawn in groups of one to four.

Taming a Polar Bear

Follow these steps to successfully tame a Polar Bear:

  1. Locate a Polar Bear: As mentioned earlier, find a Polar Bear in one of the described biomes.
  2. Collect Fish: Polar Bears love fish. To tame them, you will need some raw fish.
  3. Approach the Polar Bear: Slowly approach the Polar Bear by crouching (shift key) to prevent them from becoming aggressive.
  4. Feed the Polar Bear: Once you are close enough, right-click with the raw fish in your hand to offer it to the Polar Bear. Keep doing this until hearts appear above their head, indicating they are tamed.
  5. Leash the Tamed Polar Bear (Optional): If you want to keep the Polar Bear close and prevent it from wandering off, use a lead or a leash to tie it to a fence post or any other suitable object. Right-click the Polar Bear with the lead to attach it.

Benefits of Taming a Polar Bear

Once tamed, a Polar Bear can provide several benefits:

  • Protection: Tamed Polar Bears will follow you around and attack any hostile mobs that come near you. They can be useful in defending you during adventures.
  • Transport: Just like horses, tamed Polar Bears can be ridden with a saddle. Put a saddle on the Polar Bear and control it like any other rideable mob.
  • Create a Cute Companion: Apart from their utility, tamed Polar Bears are adorable to have as pets in the game. Their playful behavior and presence can enhance the overall enjoyment of your Minecraft experience.

Encountering Baby Polar Bears

Sometimes, you may come across baby Polar Bears in the game. While they cannot be tamed, they are still incredibly adorable. They will attack you if you provoke them, so be careful around them.


Taming a Polar Bear in Minecraft can be a fun and rewarding experience. They not only make great companions but can also provide protection and a convenient mode of transportation. So, gather your fishing rods, locate those snowy biomes, and begin your adventure to tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft!

1. How do you tame a polar bear in Minecraft?
– To tame a polar bear in Minecraft, you need to find a polar bear cub. Approach it slowly while holding a fish in your hand until you see the hearts around the cub. Right-click the cub with the fish, and it will enter a tamed state.

2. Can you tame an adult polar bear in Minecraft?
– No, you can only tame polar bear cubs in Minecraft. Adult polar bears cannot be tamed.

3. What do you need to tame a polar bear in Minecraft?
– To tame a polar bear in Minecraft, you will need a fish. Holding the fish in your hand while approaching the polar bear cub is essential for successful taming.

4. Can you ride a tamed polar bear in Minecraft?
– No, unfortunately, you cannot ride a tamed polar bear in Minecraft. Taming only allows you to have the polar bear as a companion; riding them is not possible in the game.

5. Can you breed tamed polar bears in Minecraft?
– Yes, once you have tamed two polar bears, you can breed them by feeding both bears fish. This will cause them to enter love mode, and eventually, they will produce a polar bear cub.

6. Can you heal a tamed polar bear in Minecraft?
– Yes, you can heal a tamed polar bear in Minecraft by giving it a fish. Feeding a tamed polar bear a fish will restore its health, similar to healing any other tamed animal in the game.

7. How do you make a polar bear follow you in Minecraft?
– Unfortunately, polar bears cannot be made to follow players in Minecraft. Unlike some other tamed animals, such as dogs or cats, polar bears do not have the ability to follow you when commanded.

8. Can tamed polar bears defend you in Minecraft?
– Tamed polar bears do not actively defend you in Minecraft. Instead, they primarily serve as companions and do not attack mobs or protect you from any in-game threats.

9. Are polar bears aggressive in Minecraft?
– Yes, wild polar bears in Minecraft are aggressive and will attack players who come too close to them or their cubs. However, once tamed, polar bears will not display aggressive behavior towards players.

10. Are there any special abilities for tamed polar bears in Minecraft?
– Tamed polar bears do not possess any special abilities in Minecraft. They behave similarly to other tamed animals, primarily functioning as cute companions rather than providing unique benefits or qualities.

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