How Many Inventory Slots in Minecraft

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How Many Inventory Slots in Minecraft

When it comes to the popular sandbox game Minecraft, one of the most important aspects for players is their inventory. Your inventory holds all the items you collect throughout the game, from tools and weapons to building materials and resources.

The Default Inventory Slots

In Minecraft, players start with a default inventory that consists of 36 slots. These slots are where you can store items and carry them with you as you explore the vast world of the game. The inventory slots are organized in a 6×6 grid, and each slot can hold a single item stack. The default inventory slots are crucial for survival, as they allow you to store the necessary tools and resources needed to thrive in the game.

Expanding Your Inventory

As you progress in Minecraft, you may find that the default 36 inventory slots are not enough to hold all the items you accumulate. Fortunately, there are several ways to expand your inventory capacity:


One option for expanding your inventory is by using backpacks. Backpacks are portable storage containers that provide additional inventory slots. They can be crafted using various materials such as leather and wool. Once crafted, you can wear the backpack and access its inventory by right-clicking on it. Backpacks come in different sizes, with larger backpacks offering more inventory slots.

Shulker Boxes

Shulker Boxes are another way to increase your inventory space. These unique boxes can be found in End Cities or obtained by defeating Shulkers, which are mobs found in End Cities. Shulker Boxes have 27 inventory slots, providing a significant expansion to your storage capacity. To access the inventory of a Shulker Box, simply right-click on it. It’s important to note that Shulker Boxes retain their items even if they are broken or moved.

End Chests

End Chests are special chests found in the End dimension. Each player has a separate inventory in these chests, allowing you to store additional items without worrying about losing them if you die. End Chests offer 27 inventory slots and can be accessed by right-clicking on them. These chests are particularly useful for storing valuable items or resources that you want to keep safe.

Inventory Management Tips

Managing your inventory efficiently is essential in Minecraft to ensure you have quick access to the items you need. Here are some tips to help you keep your inventory organized:

Sorting Items

Utilize the sorting feature available in Minecraft to automatically arrange your items in your inventory. By pressing the middle mouse button or the “Pick Block” key, your items will be sorted based on their type, making it easier to find what you need.

Hotbar Setup

The hotbar is the row of nine slots at the bottom of your inventory. This is where you can place the items you use the most for quick access. Set up your hotbar strategically, placing tools, weapons, and other frequently used items in easily accessible slots.

Categorize Your Inventory

Organize your inventory by categorizing items into different sections. For example, you can store all your building materials in one area, combat-related items in another, and resources in a separate section. This way, you can quickly find the items you need without wasting time searching through your entire inventory.


In Minecraft, your inventory is crucial for survival and progression in the game. While the default inventory consists of 36 slots, there are ways to expand your storage capacity through backpacks, Shulker Boxes, and End Chests. Additionally, implementing proper inventory management techniques, such as sorting items and organizing your inventory, can make gameplay more efficient and enjoyable. By utilizing these strategies, you’ll be able to collect and carry more items, ensuring you have everything you need to thrive in the diverse Minecraft world.

1. How many inventory slots are there in Minecraft?
In Minecraft, players start with 36 inventory slots.

2. Can players increase the number of inventory slots in Minecraft?
Yes, players can increase their inventory slots by wearing certain types of armor, particularly the Ender Chestplate, which adds 27 additional slots.

3. Are there any other ways to expand inventory slots in Minecraft?
Apart from armor, players can also use storage items like chests and shulker boxes to store extra items, effectively expanding their inventory space.

4. Can players craft additional inventory slots in Minecraft?
No, players cannot craft or create additional inventory slots directly. However, they can use storage items like shulker boxes, which can be crafted and provide additional storage space.

5. How many inventory slots do storage blocks provide in Minecraft?
Storage blocks in Minecraft, such as chests, provide 27 inventory slots each.

6. Are there any specific in-game items that increase inventory slots?
Yes, certain rare items like the Shulker Box can be found in end cities or crafted using a shulker shell, and they provide 27 inventory slots when opened.

7. Can players combine storage items to increase their inventory slots?
Yes, players can combine multiple storage items, such as chests or shulker boxes, to increase their inventory space. For example, placing four chests side by side creates one large inventory with a total of 108 slots.

8. Is there a limit to the number of inventory slots a player can have in Minecraft?
While there is no hard cap on the number of inventory slots, practical limitations exist due to game performance and user interface constraints. Players can expand their inventory significantly but may experience lag or difficulty managing a large number of slots at once.

9. How do players access their expanded inventory slots?
Players can access additional inventory slots by opening the inventory screen in Minecraft. The expanded slots provided by armor, chests, shulker boxes, or other storage items will be accessible within this interface.

10. Can players share inventory slots with other players in multiplayer mode?
No, inventory in Minecraft is personal, and each player has their own separate inventory slots. However, players can trade or give items to each other using in-game mechanics to share resources.

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