How to Get Brick in Minecraft

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How to Get Brick in Minecraft

Bricks are an essential building material in Minecraft, allowing players to construct sturdy and aesthetically pleasing structures. Whether you’re seeking to build a simple fireplace or an entire fortress, knowing how to obtain bricks is crucial. This guide will walk you through the various methods of obtaining bricks, as well as provide useful tips and tricks to enhance your brick-gathering endeavors.

1. Gathering Clay
To create bricks in Minecraft, you must first locate and gather clay. Clay can be found near bodies of water, typically spawning in large quantities at the bottom of rivers or lakes. It has a distinct light-gray color, making it easily distinguishable from the surrounding terrain. Once you’ve located clay, you can collect it by mining it with a shovel, after which it will drop as a clay block.

2. Smelting Clay
After obtaining clay, it must be smelted in a furnace to transform it into bricks. To start the smelting process, create a furnace using eight pieces of cobblestone, arranging them in a square shape within your crafting grid. Place the furnace on the ground and interact with it to open its interface. Then, place the clay blocks into the top slot and add fuel (such as coal or wood) to the bottom slot. The furnace will gradually convert the clay blocks into bricks, which you can collect from the output slot.

3. Crafting Bricks
Another method of obtaining bricks is by crafting them directly from clay balls. Once you’ve acquired clay through mining, you can convert it into clay balls by placing the clay blocks within your crafting grid. Each clay block will yield four clay balls. After obtaining the clay balls, place them in a 2×2 square within your crafting grid, resulting in the creation of a brick block. Breaking the brick block will provide you with four individual bricks.

4. Trading with Villagers
An alternative way to acquire bricks is through trading with villagers. You can find villagers living in villages scattered throughout the Minecraft world. Locate a village by exploring or utilizing a map. Once you’ve found a village, look for a villager who is a mason. Mason villagers often sell a variety of building materials, including bricks. Interact with the mason villager and review his trades. If bricks are available, exchange emeralds, the in-game currency, for the desired quantity of bricks.

5. Dungeons and Strongholds
Exploring dungeons and strongholds can sometimes reward players with bricks. Dungeons, typically found underground, often contain hidden chests filled with valuable loot. Occasionally, bricks can be found in these chests, along with other useful items. Similarly, strongholds, which are large structures located deep underground, may also offer hidden chests containing bricks. Search thoroughly and be prepared for challenges when venturing into these locations.

6. Nether Fortress
Bricks can also be obtained from Nether fortresses. Nether fortresses are structures found in the hellish dimension known as the Nether. These fortresses are home to hostile mobs and offer unique challenges. However, exploring them can lead to great rewards. Bricks can be looted from chests within Nether fortresses, providing a valuable source for obtaining this sought-after material.


Q: Can I craft bricks using different types of clay?
A: No, Minecraft only recognizes and uses the default clay block for crafting bricks. While different types of clay may exist in the game, they cannot be used to create bricks.

Q: How do I efficiently locate clay deposits?
A: One of the most effective methods of finding clay is using the “clay finder” modification (mod) within Minecraft. This mod highlights clay blocks within your generated world, making them easier to locate. However, keep in mind that using mods might alter the gameplay experience.

Q: Can I dye bricks in different colors?
A: Unfortunately, bricks cannot be dyed directly in their block form. However, once bricks are crafted, they can be used with a variety of dyes to create colored brick variants.

Q: Are bricks explosion resistant?
A: Yes, bricks are one of the most resilient building materials available in Minecraft. When used to construct structures, they have a high blast resistance and can withstand various explosions, preventing significant damage.

Q: Can I craft bricks without a furnace?
A: No, a furnace is required to smelt clay into bricks. Without a furnace, clay cannot be transformed into the brick form.

In conclusion, obtaining bricks in Minecraft offers numerous options, from gathering and smelting clay to trading with villagers. Exploring dungeons, strongholds, and Nether fortresses further adds to the possibilities. By utilizing these different methods, you can acquire bricks to build magnificent structures and unleash your creativity in the exciting world of Minecraft.

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