How to Tame a Chicken in Minecraft

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How to Tame a Chicken in Minecraft

How to Tame a Chicken in Minecraft


If you love playing Minecraft and want to add some feathery friends to your game, taming a chicken is a great option. Chickens not only provide eggs but also feathers, which are useful for crafting arrows and other items. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to tame a chicken in Minecraft.

Step 1: Gathering the Necessary Resources

Before you start taming a chicken, you’ll need a few resources:

  • Seeds: Chickens are attracted to seeds. Obtain some by breaking tall grass in the game.
  • Buckets: You’ll need a bucket to collect water.
  • Redstone Dust (optional): While not necessary, redstone dust can help automate chicken farming.

Step 2: Finding Chickens

To find chickens in Minecraft, you can explore the grassy areas of your world during the day. Chickens usually wander around in groups of two or more. If you’re having trouble finding them, try searching near villages or trading with villagers who may have eggs to spawn chickens.

Step 3: Building a Chicken Coop

Prepare a suitable area to build a chicken coop. A simple fenced-in area will suffice, but make sure the fence is at least two blocks high as chickens can jump over one-block high fences. Having a larger coop will allow you to breed more chickens in the future.

Step 4: Luring the Chickens

Now that your coop is ready, it’s time to lure the chickens into it using the seeds you gathered earlier. Hold the seeds in your hand and approach the chickens slowly. Right-click or interact with the chickens to feed them seeds. As you feed them, hearts will appear above their heads, indicating they are interested in you.

Step 5: Training the Chickens

After feeding the chickens, continue interacting with them by right-clicking or interacting. This will increase their “trust” level towards you. Keep repeating this step until you see the hearts again, indicating that the chickens are now tamed and will follow you around.

Step 6: Protecting Your Chickens

Now that you have successfully tamed the chickens, it’s essential to protect them from predators and other threats. Ensure your chicken coop is well-lit to prevent hostile mobs from spawning. You can also use redstone dust to automate chicken farming, such as opening trapdoors to let chickens lay eggs and collect them automatically.

Step 7: Breeding Chickens

If you want to expand your chicken farm, you can breed the tamed chickens by feeding them more seeds. Once you have two fully grown chickens, right-click on both of them while holding seeds. They will breed and produce a baby chicken. This baby chicken will grow up over time, and you can repeat the breeding process to increase the population.


Taming chickens in Minecraft is a fun and rewarding task. Not only do chickens provide useful resources, but they can also serve as decorative elements in your world. By following these steps, you’ll have a thriving chicken farm in no time. Enjoy your newfound feathered companions in the wonderful world of Minecraft!

Q1: How do I tame a chicken in Minecraft?
A1: To tame a chicken in Minecraft, you can hold any kind of seeds in your hand and approach the chicken slowly. Right-click on the chicken to feed it the seeds, and after feeding it several times, hearts will appear above the chicken’s head, indicating it has been tamed.

Q2: Can I tame a chicken without using seeds?
A2: No, seeds are necessary to tame a chicken in Minecraft. They are the only item that can be used to attract and tame chickens.

Q3: What happens after taming a chicken?
A3: Once a chicken is tamed, it becomes your pet and will follow you around. You can also breed tamed chickens by feeding them more seeds.

Q4: Can tamed chickens fight off enemies?
A4: No, tamed chickens cannot actively fight off enemies in Minecraft. They are purely for companionship and aesthetic purposes.

Q5: Are there any benefits to taming chickens in Minecraft?
A5: Tamed chickens have no particular benefits in-game, other than being cute companions and a possible source of eggs for cooking or farming.

Q6: How do I ensure that I successfully tame a chicken?
A6: To increase your chances of successfully taming a chicken, it is recommended to crouch (shift) while feeding the chicken seeds, as it helps to prevent accidentally hitting or scaring them away.

Q7: How many seeds do I need to tame a chicken?
A7: On average, it takes approximately 1-2 stacks of seeds (20-40 seeds) to successfully tame a chicken. However, some chickens may require more or fewer seeds.

Q8: Can I tame baby chickens in Minecraft?
A8: No, baby chickens cannot be tamed directly in Minecraft. You need to wait until they grow to their full size before attempting to tame them.

Q9: What should I do if a tamed chicken escapes or gets lost?
A9: In case a tamed chicken escapes or gets lost, you can try holding seeds in your hand and calling for them. Alternatively, you can build a fence or enclosure to keep them from wandering off.

Q10: Can I ride a tamed chicken in Minecraft?
A10: No, it is not possible to ride a tamed chicken in Minecraft. Chickens are too small and cannot be used as mounts in the game.

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