Phát hiện kẻ tấn công gây sập máy chủ chỉ còn 4 TPS trong Minecraft Mineahihi

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Today, we will continue with the series server that has been going on for a long time. I haven’t buried you guys yet, so today I will decide to troll this noob and troll me by giving him a super strong set of equipment, 10,000. Let’s see how he reacts, whether he shows off or uses it to fight or sell, there’s no telling. Hopefully, the noob won’t sell it, otherwise I’ll be short of gear.

First, we need to get a setup, right? Before we go, make sure to like and subscribe to support me. And if you want to top up in the server, use the CS command. Use the “xẹt Na thẻ cách ra tiền VNĐ” command to top up through my referral code to help me get more instant noodle packages to eat. Thank you to everyone in the server, there are so many. I thought I didn’t have any friends left, but now I have a lot. I will take out this set here, the pants, the hat, and this setup is quite fancy. I will enchant it and see if I have any other weak swords. Here it is, a legendary sword. Wow, it’s so sharp, I will make it super sharp, 10,000. Oops, it’s amazing, I have to call it top-notch. Oh, and this is a pair of boots, pants, armor, and hat. Oh my god, this will be the talk of the server, everyone will be envious. But if you need to top up in the server, remember to top up through my referral code to help me get some bread to eat.

Let’s see how I look now. Let’s see if I can find a horse and show off in front of the server. The other guys are messaging me, nothing special. This one is called “em Gì vậy ta?” I guess this one is probably a girl, she probably won’t talk anymore. Let’s use a command on her. Then I’ll call it “tự tự nhiên” and put a chest on her island. She will be surprised, what’s happening? Oh, there are still 14 TBs left. It’s okay, I’ll just keep burying her. I will put the sword and the whole set of equipment inside this chest. In this video, okay, the server is down, it’s expensive, I have to go report to Tiger. Wait, I need to take it slow. Oh my god, this guy suddenly started singing, what did he say? Did he take the items? Oh no, he stole them, not just took them. Oh guys, look at what he’s doing. Alright, now I’ll turn on my Bình and call him. He’s a baby Protech 10,000, he’s asking for a dot. Oh my god, [music], is he really a baby? Here he is, he put them on, handsome guy, I’m shaking. He’s already had the size of greed, he’s so good in English, guys. This kid is like a walking song, does he really see me? It seems like his name must be a girl, I don’t think he’ll talk anymore. I’ll use a command, then I’ll call him “em là em bé này”. Let’s see how he reacts. Oh, it seems like he hacked something, guys. Yeah, he left the server, probably because of that. Wow, this kid can hack, guys. He logged back in, but wait, what happened? Oh my god, the server is shaking, what’s happening? It seems like the server is overcrowded, and it’s shaking. Oh, what? I left the equipment in the forest, let’s see how he reacts. Oh, he’s opened up a path, but he stole it, guys. He took it, not just stealing. Oh my god, what is he going to do next? Alright, now I’ll turn on my Bình and see what’s happening. He’s still here. Oh my god, the shaking, the battery is running out, oh my god. But I can’t fight back, guys. I can’t penetrate the armor, I can’t fight back, guys. I can’t, oh my god, I’m being bullied. He’s chopping me up, I can’t even attack, guys, seriously. Oh my god, this guy is a bit weak, but we’re facing a problem, shaking. Oh my god, guys, it seems like it’s not because of the armor. I thought it was because of the armor I made, the tight armor, and then the server shook. But it turned out it wasn’t, guys. Oh my god, I don’t know what the problem is, I’ll report it to the administrators. It seems like this guy copied it, the server is having some kind of problem, shaking. I’m like a free fire player, but I wish I could take the items. Okay, I’ll check if it’s a baby. It’s a shame that I can’t fight back. [Applause] The shaking is like this, guys, and currently, there are only 10 TPS left…

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