What Does Projectile Protection Do in Minecraft?

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What Does Projectile Protection Do in Minecraft?

In the vast and immersive world of Minecraft, players have the freedom to explore, build, and defend themselves against a variety of threats. One of the essential aspects of survival in this pixelated realm is acquiring and utilizing different types of armor. In particular, the enchantment known as Projectile Protection can grant players a significant advantage when facing projectile-based attacks.

Understanding Enchantments in Minecraft

Enchantments are enhancements that can be applied to various tools, weapons, and armor in Minecraft. They provide unique and useful abilities, allowing players to customize their gear to better suit their preferred style of play or specific challenges they may face.

Enchantments can be obtained by either finding enchanted items in chests, trading with villagers, or enchanting items themselves using an enchanting table or anvil. Different enchantments have specific requirements and can be applied to different types of equipment.

Exploring the Projectile Protection Enchantment

Projectile Protection is one of several enchantments available for armor in Minecraft. Its primary function is to reduce the damage taken from projectile-based attacks, such as arrows fired by skeletons, ghast fireballs, or even attacks from the elusive Ender Dragon.

When players equip armor pieces enchanted with Projectile Protection, the enchantment provides a percentage-based reduction in damage from projectiles. These reductions stack cumulatively, allowing players to resist such attacks more effectively when wearing multiple pieces of enchanted armor.

Benefits of Projectile Protection Enchantment

While Projectile Protection may not directly prevent players from getting hit, it offers several benefits that can greatly increase their survival chances.

Reduced Damage: The primary advantage of Projectile Protection is the reduction in damage taken from projectiles. This proves especially useful when traversing areas populated by hostile mobs or when engaged in combat situations where the opponent primarily launches long-range attacks. The enchantment reduces the damage inflicted by projectiles by a certain percentage, depending on the level of the enchantment. This decrease in damage allows players to withstand attacks and recover health more easily.

Economical: Projectile Protection is a versatile enchantment that provides protection against a wide variety of projectile-based threats. Rather than needing multiple enchantments for different types of projectiles, players can rely on Projectile Protection to reduce damage from all sources of projectiles. This makes it a cost-effective choice when utilizing limited experience points to enchant armor.

PvP Advantage: In multiplayer servers or Player vs. Player (PvP) combat scenarios, where other players employ bows and arrows as their primary weapons, Projectile Protection can be invaluable. By reducing the incoming damage, players can gain a significant advantage by withstanding ranged attacks, allowing them to counter-attack or retreat with higher chances of survival.

Limitations of Projectile Protection Enchantment

While Projectile Protection is undoubtedly a valuable enchantment, it has its limitations:

Non-Projectile Attacks: It is important to note that Projectile Protection does not provide any defense against melee attacks or other non-projectile forms of damage. Players must ensure they have a combination of other enchantments or strategies to defend effectively against these types of threats.

Durability: Like all armor enchantments, Projectile Protection consumes the durability of the enchanted armor when hit by a projectile. Continuous use of enchanted armor against projectile-based attacks will eventually render it less effective, even to the point of breaking. Players should keep an eye on their armor’s durability and be prepared to repair or replace it when needed.

Enchanting Armor with Projectile Protection

Obtaining armor pieces with the Projectile Protection enchantment can be done through several methods:

Exploring Dungeons and Strongholds: Challenging dungeons or conquering mighty strongholds may reward players with rare enchanted armor, including those with Projectile Protection enchantment.

Trading with Villagers: Some villagers, such as librarians or armorer villagers, may offer enchanted armor in exchange for emeralds. Players need to locate these villagers and establish trade with them to acquire enchanted armor pieces.

Enchanting Table or Anvil: Utilizing an enchanting table or anvil, players can enchant their selected armor piece with the Projectile Protection enchantment. However, this method requires the use of experience points and specific enchanting conditions to achieve the desired enchantment.


Projectile Protection is an enchantment that significantly improves a player’s defense against projectile-based attacks in Minecraft. Its reduction in damage allows for increased survivability, making it an invaluable asset when facing hostile mobs or engaging in PvP combat. Despite its limitations, Projectile Protection remains a versatile and cost-effective enchantment that should not be overlooked in any player’s quest for ultimate protection.

1. What is projectile protection in Minecraft?
Projectile protection is an enchantment in Minecraft that reduces the damage players receive from projectiles, such as arrows, ghast fireballs, or blaze fireballs.

2. How do I obtain projectile protection?
Projectile protection can be obtained by enchanting armor pieces through an enchantment table, anvil, or by using an enchanted book.

3. How does projectile protection work?
When wearing armor enchanted with projectile protection, the enchantment reduces the damage taken from different projectiles. The higher the level of projectile protection, the greater the reduction in damage.

4. What types of projectiles are affected by projectile protection?
Projectile protection affects various projectiles in Minecraft, including arrows shot by skeletons or players, ghast fireballs, and blaze fireballs.

5. Can projectile protection protect against other types of damage?
No, projectile protection is specifically designed to reduce damage from projectiles only. It does not provide protection against melee attacks, explosions, fall damage, or environmental hazards.

6. Can I combine projectile protection with other enchantments?
Yes, projectile protection can be combined with other enchantments like protection, fire protection, or blast protection. Combining enchantments can provide more comprehensive defense against different types of damage.

7. How effective is projectile protection?
The effectiveness of projectile protection depends on its level. Higher levels of projectile protection provide more significant reductions in damage received from projectiles.

8. Is projectile protection useful in combat?
Yes, projectile protection can be particularly useful in combat situations where players frequently face enemies that use projectiles. It can help reduce the damage taken, giving players a better chance of survival.

9. Can I stack multiple levels of projectile protection?
While multiple armor pieces enchanted with projectile protection can stack the enchantment’s effects, having multiple levels of projectile protection on a single piece of armor does not provide additional benefits. Only the highest level of projectile protection will be applied.

10. How can I increase the level of projectile protection on my armor?
Players can increase the level of projectile protection applied to their armor by combining multiple pieces of armor with projectile protection or using enchanted books with higher levels of the enchantment on an anvil.

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