What Is Armor Toughness in Minecraft

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What Is Armor Toughness in Minecraft

What Is Armor Toughness in Minecraft

When it comes to survival in the blocky world of Minecraft, protecting yourself against hostile creatures and environmental hazards is crucial. Armor provides essential defense to mitigate damage from various sources, giving players a better chance to survive and thrive. In addition to armor points, which determine the overall resilience of the armor, Minecraft introduced a feature called Armor Toughness to enhance the defensive capabilities of armor sets.

Understanding Armor Toughness

Armor Toughness is a hidden attribute in Minecraft that affects how well armor can handle certain types of damage. It primarily reduces the amount of damage taken from attacks that deal a high amount of penetration, such as falling from great heights or being struck with a powerful blow. In other words, Armor Toughness provides an extra layer of protection beyond the regular armor points.

The higher the Armor Toughness value, the more damage reduction it offers, making your armor tougher and more resistant to certain types of attacks. However, it is important to note that Armor Toughness only applies to the portion of damage that surpasses the armor’s base protection, so it is not a complete damage reduction.

Armor Toughness Calculation

Armor Toughness is calculated using a formula that takes into account both the Armor Toughness value and the base protection of the armor. The formula is as follows:

Damage Reduction = Armor Toughness / (Armor Toughness + 8)

For example, if you have armor with an Armor Toughness of 4, the damage reduction would be:

4 / (4 + 8) = 0.3333 or 33.33%

This means that when hit with an attack that bypasses the armor’s base protection, your armor will reduce the incremental damage by approximately 33.33% due to the presence of Armor Toughness.

Increasing Armor Toughness

Armor Toughness is not a naturally occurring attribute; rather, it can be added to armor pieces through enchantments or the use of anvils. This allows players to customize the level of Armor Toughness they desire, depending on their playstyle and the challenges they face in the game.

There are several enchantments that directly affect Armor Toughness:

  • Blast Protection: Reduces explosive damage and adds Armor Toughness
  • Protection: Adds Armor Toughness along with increased overall protection
  • Thorns: Deals damage to attackers and adds Armor Toughness

By combining these enchantments or using the appropriate anvil combinations, players can significantly increase the Armor Toughness of their armor sets.

Choosing the Right Armor

Different types of armor in Minecraft have varying levels of Armor Toughness. For example, diamond armor has a higher base toughness compared to leather or gold armor. This means that diamond armor will provide more protection against high-penetration attacks than the other types of armor.

When deciding which armor to use, take into consideration both the base protection and the Armor Toughness of each piece. While diamond armor may offer better resistance in terms of Armor Toughness, other materials might have advantages such as increased enchantability or faster movement speed.


Armor Toughness is an important attribute in Minecraft that enhances the defensive capabilities of armor. By increasing the amount of damage reduction beyond regular armor points, Armor Toughness allows players to better withstand powerful attacks and hazardous situations. Experiment with different enchantments and armor types to find the perfect balance between protection and utility for your Minecraft adventures.

1. What is armor toughness in Minecraft?
Armor toughness is a feature introduced in Minecraft that determines the level of protection an armor piece provides against stronger attacks.

2. How does armor toughness differ from armor points?
Armor points in Minecraft represent the amount of damage reduced from each hit, while armor toughness specifically deals with reducing the damage taken from stronger attacks.

3. Is armor toughness a separate statistic or does it affect the overall armor value?
Armor toughness is a separate statistic that influences the durability and defensive capabilities of the armor. It does not directly affect the overall armor value.

4. How can players increase the armor toughness of their armor?
The armor toughness of armor sets cannot be directly increased. However, combining armor pieces using an anvil can create a stronger set with higher toughness.

5. Can armor toughness be adjusted using enchantments?
No, armor toughness is a fixed value that cannot be modified by enchantments.

6. How does armor toughness interact with the durability of armor?
Higher armor toughness can increase the durability of armor, allowing it to withstand more damage before breaking.

7. Does armor toughness affect all types of attacks in Minecraft?
Armor toughness only affects attacks that deal more than the default amount of damage. It does not offer any additional protection against regular attacks.

8. Are there any downsides to having high armor toughness?
While high armor toughness provides better protection against strong attacks, it may cause armor to degrade more quickly, requiring more frequent repairs or replacements.

9. How does armor toughness differ between different types of armor in Minecraft?
The base armor toughness value depends on the type of armor worn. For example, diamond armor has a higher base toughness compared to leather or iron armor.

10. How important is armor toughness in Minecraft gameplay?
Armor toughness plays a significant role in PvP combat or fighting strong creatures like bosses, where higher levels of protection are crucial for survival. However, for everyday gameplay or less challenging situations, armor toughness may not be as essential.

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