New Characters to Be Teased on MultiVersus Login Screen During Season 1

MultiVersus is something of a phenomenon right now, racking up a monstrous player count before it has even officially launched (Season 1 is set to begin later today, 15th August).

Just to throw some additional fuel on the proverbial fire, MultiVersus Game Director Tony Huynh took to Twitter to tease some new characters that are going to join the lineup during Season 1. You will be able to check them out on the login screen once the update goes live, which is a pretty cool way to get players to boot up your game!

While we don’t know for certain which characters are coming to the colourful brawler, datamined information and previous leaks might point us in the right direction. We will just have to wait and see if any of the clues we have line up with the characters teased, once the update goes live later on today.

Are you excited about the launch of Season 1 of MultiVersus? Are there any faces, in particular, you are hoping will make their debut? Let us know in the comments section below.

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