New Super Luigi U Deluxe – FULL GAME 100% Walkthrough (Nintendo Switch)

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe – New Super Luigi U Full Game 100% Walkthrough on Nintendo Switch: all Star Coins, all secret exits, and all bosses in HD 1080p 60fps.
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Welcome to my New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Nintendo Switch Playlist! During this series, we’ll be livestreaming the full games of each Mode: NSMBU Story Mode and New Super Luigi U Story Mode, collecting all Star Coins, finding all secret exits, and battling all bosses. We’ll also host a livestream of the NSMBUD Challenge Mode, so be sure to check that out as well! If you enjoy New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe on the channel, be sure to LIKE (👍) and turn on notifications for more uploads (🔔)!

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Acorn Plains 1 Waddlewing Warning!
Acorn Plains 2 Crooked Cavern
Acorn Plains Tower Flame-Gear Tower
Acorn Plains 3 Rolling Yoshi Hills
Acorn Plains 4 Piranha Heights
Acorn Plains 5 Piranha Gardens
Acorn Plains Castle Lemmy’s Lights-Out Castle
Acorn Plains A Cheep Chomp Chase

Layer Cake Desert 1 Spike’s Tumbling Desert
Layer Cake Desert 2 Underground Grrrols
Layer Cake Desert 3 Piranhas in the Dark
Layer Cake Desert Tower Wind-Up Tower
Layer Cake Desert 4 The Walls Have Eyes
Layer Cake Desert 5 Stone Spike Conveyors
Layer Cake Desert 6 Spinning Sandstones
Layer Cake Desert Castle Morton’s Lava-Block Castle
Layer Cake Desert A Slippery Rope Ladders

Sparkling Waters 1 Huckit Beach Resort
Sparkling Waters 2 Urchin Reef Romp
Sparkling Waters Tower Shish-Kebab Tower
Sparkling Waters Ghost House Haunted Cargo Hold
Sparkling Waters 3 Waterspout Sprint
Sparkling Waters 4 The Great Geysers
Sparkling Waters 5 Dragoneel Depths
Sparkling Waters Castle Larry’s Trigger-Happy Castle
Sparkling Waters A Beanstalk Jungle

Frosted Glacier 1 Broozers and Barrels
Frosted Glacier 2 Cooligan Shrooms
Frosted Glacier Tower Icicle Tower
Frosted Glacier 3 Fire and Ice
Frosted Glacier 4 Weighty Waddlewings
Frosted Glacier 5 Ice-Slide Expressway
Frosted Glacier Ghost House Peek-a-Boo Ghost House
Frosted Glacier Castle Wendy’s Thwomp Castle
Frosted Glacier A Fliprus Floes

Soda Jungle Airship All Aboard
Soda Jungle 1 Giant Swing-Along
Soda Jungle 2 Dancing Blocks, Poison Swamp
Soda Jungle 3 Heart of Bramball Woods
Soda Jungle Tower Stone-Snake Tower
Soda Jungle Ghost House Boo’s Favorite Haunt
Soda Jungle 4 Painted Pipeworks
Soda Jungle 5 Deepsea Stone-Eyes
Soda Jungle 6 Sumo Bro Bridge
Soda Jungle 7 Wiggler Floodlands
Soda Jungle Castle Iggy’s Swinging-Chains Castle
Soda Jungle A Para-Beetle Parade

Rock Candy Mines 1 Mount Fuzzy
Rock Candy Mines 2 Porcupuffer Cavern
Rock Candy Mines Tower Smashing-Stone Tower
Rock Candy Mines 3 Spike’s Seesaws
Rock Candy Mines 4 Light-Up-Lift Tower
Rock Candy Mines 5 Rising Piranhas
Rock Candy Mines 6 Spine Coaster Stowaways
Rock Candy Mines Tower Sumo Bro’s Spinning Tower
Rock Candy Mines 7 Swtich-Lift Express
Rock Candy Mines Castle Roy’s Ironclad Castle

Meringue Clouds 1 Frozen Fuzzies
Meringue Clouds 2 Wiggler Rodeo
Meringue Clouds 3 Rainbow Skywalk
Meringue Clouds Tower Stonecrush Tower
Meringue Clouds Ghost House Vanishing Ghost House
Meringue Clouds 4 Above the Bouncy Clouds
Meringue Clouds 5 Flame Chomp Ferris Wheel
Meringue Clouds 6 Three-Headed Snake Block
Meringue Clouds Castle Ludwig’s Block-Press Castle
Meringue Clouds Airship Bowser Jr. Showdown

Peach’s Castle 1 Magma Moat
Peach’s Castle 2 Magmaw River Cruise
Peach’s Castle 3 Hot Cogs
Peach’s Castle 4 Firefall Rising
Peach’s Castle Castle Current Event
Peach’s Castle Castle The Final Battle

Superstar Road 1 Spine Coaster Connection
Superstar Road 2 P Switch Peril
Superstar Road 3 Star Coin Deep Dive
Superstar Road 4 Hammerswing Hangout
Superstar Road 5 Under Construction
Superstar Road 6 Fire Bar Sprint
Superstar Road 7 Cloudy Capers
Superstar Road 8 Impossible Pendulums
Superstar Road 9 Flying Squirrel Ovation

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Jan 11, 2019
No. of Players: up to 4 players
Category: Action, Adventure, Multiplayer, Platformer
Publisher: Nintendo

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