Nintendogs:My Collection,Best Friends Version, and Bark Mode with my Main Dogs!! READ DESC MORE INFO

This will be like a special edition video on my channel! I show you my ENTIRE Nintendogs collection, my new rare Best Friends version, and what Bark Mode looks like! I transfer some items from my main game card (meet my awesome main dogs at last, and see the legendary 43 streak agility champion: Sammy! XD) to the Best Friends game card!
Finally, yes, PLEEEEASE IF you know of any places that ARE NOT EBAY and have one of the following game cards I want, PLEASE tell me about it! I have been searching a long time for these game cards now and I can use all the help I can get!!!:

2. Nintendogs+cats NOT FOR RESALE
3. Nintendogs NOT FOR RESALE

It is best if they are U.S. game cards, as I only have U.S. 3DS and DS systems and I heard that there was this region lock thing or something…

Feel free to look up these not for resale game cards if you have no idea what they are! I will REALLY REALLY appreciate it if someone helps me get the game cards I want!

I FINALLY DID IT! I was allowed to get one from ebay: Nintendogs+cats not for resale! It looks like the real thing and hopefully it is! If it is I am making a special video all about it! I am still looking for the others, so please help if you can! Thanks! More info will be in Part 4 of Nintendogs Labrador version, coming soon or already ready to be watched, depends on when you read this!

Enjoy the video!


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