Overwatch Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 skins revealed

Overwatch’s third and final Anniversary Remix event launches Tuesday, bringing back past Arcade brawls and seasonal events as Blizzard plans to send off the original game. Overwatch Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 also brings the requisite fresh injection of new cosmetics, including remixed skins for characters like Genji, Tracer, and D.Va.

For Ultraman fans, Genji is the clear highlight. His existing Sentai skin has been recolored to evoke the look and feel of Japan’s No. 1 kaiju killer. There are also great remixes for Tracer, with the graffiti-laden Tagged Tracer skin, and Varsity D.Va, a recolor of her Academy skin that looks just different enough from Hatsune Miku to not get Blizzard into trouble. Additional skins for Soldier: 76, Pharah, and Baptiste can be seen in the gallery below.

While the above will be available in loot boxes — the final batch of paid loot boxes coming to Overwatch — players can also earn previously released skins (Comic Book Tracer, Marammat Symmetra, and Kyōgisha Hanzo) during the Overwatch Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 event by playing weekly challenges.

Overwatch Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 runs from Aug. 9-30. It’s available in the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One versions of Overwatch now.

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