PlayStation 5 In 2022! (Review)

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Let’s take a look at the PlayStation 5 In 2022! (Review)

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10 thoughts on “PlayStation 5 In 2022! (Review)

  • May 18, 2022 at 5:30 pm

    I've been frustrated with my day one PS5. There's been huge spans of time between releases, and even those releases have actually barely pulled any numbers, so I'm reluctant to call any of them "system sellers". Certainly not at $70, which I haven't spent on a single title (I've waited for sales after a short time).

    The majority of the games shown in the pre-launch PS Showcase have been delayed, which is to be expected these days, but new content hasn't been announced to offset the gaps created, or even as the delayed content has released.

    Plus, Sony has come out and said that they're working on 10+ GAAS for the upcoming years, which takes an enormous bite out of the previous unknown 20+ titles underway. I can only assume they know a chunk of those GAAS will fail, but they don't care because even just one catching on can become an absolute gold mine. Plus there's PSVR2 to account for.

    I just feel like I bought my PS5 on this loyalty, since I've bought PlayStations for 20+ years now. But I've been realizing that PlayStation is effectively a different company, since moving from Japan in 2016.

  • August 6, 2022 at 8:48 am

    well, listened to all the Hype, got my new PS5(disc) and guess what absolute crap. Got it 12pm plugged it in 90mins to down load the update, couldn't get a single player game to play for 8hrs. join this join that user name and password for this mob then again for another mob .Graphics are good but when it comes to playing whats the F@#kin difference from the PS3 for f@#k sake. Sign into PlayStation store, why?? I bought a disk I want to to play single player don't want play online (not into it at all) but all FPS game you have to download the campaign parts 1-3 (Call of Duty Cold War) more fu#kin around for hours and then guess what error retry. Delet this delete that and its a brand new console. Ive bought a f@#kin machine for AU$1000+ and Discs @ AU$120 a pop, now you'd think you could set it up and stick the disc in and away you go just like it says on the t instruction manual. No they want you to join the f#@kin Sony Playstation Club so they can rob you of a monthly fee for doing half of f@#k all for you, especially when your buying discs. I'll sell this piece of Niponese plastic shit on and cut me losses. My advice to anyone thinking of buying a PS5 is don't, the whole setup is an absolute con. Buy machine- set it up- stick the disc in and away you go eh? Not a f@#kin chance mate. Hours and f@#kin hours of pissin around and then you probably will only y be able to play online. DONT BUY THIS CONSOLE NOT WORTH THE MONEY.

  • August 9, 2022 at 12:20 am

    Right now because PS5 games have been coming out slowly I've decided to build a catalogue of PS4 games I never gave a chance before because I was primarily a Xbox user and while it does suck that first party PS5 games are 70 dollars its not that big of a deal when you consider games like Ratchet and Clank rift apart were 70 dollars at launch but now a year and a half later it can be found for as low as 40 or even 30 dollars on a good day and while yes it may suck to have to wait for these price cuts its well worth your patience if you consider your saving quite a sum of money which considering how things are now a days is important depending on your living expenses


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