PUBG: New State teases new map, offers free coupon code for in-game items

With 2022 underway, Krafton has a couple of announcements for PUBG: New State players that should get them quite hyped. In a post on its official websitethe developer not only teased the addition of a new map, but gave away an in-game crate as part of its new year celebrations.

PUBG: New State – New map incoming

Krafton has not yet revealed details of the upcoming map, nor the name. However, it did note that the new map will launch sometime in mid-2022. The developers did release some teaser images. Judging by those images, it looks like the new map will feature a mix of urban and rural areas. There also seems to be a mix of mountains and other rock formations, which should add more strategic thought to the game.

PUBG: New State – Free coupon code

As a part of a “surprise gift,” Krafton is also giving away a coupon code. This code can be used to redeem six Chicken Medals and three Royale Chest Tickets. It should be noted that the code is only valid till January 10, 23:59 UTC.

In order to redeem the code, users will have to click here. Then they have to use the code, HAPPYNEWSTATE along with their account ID. The account ID can be accessed via the Settings option in the game.

The new free code comes just a couple of weeks after Krafton offered one as a “token of gratitude” for the delayed update. To recall, the game was supposed to be updated quite a while back, but a delay in the App Store review meant that the update could not be pushed out. The code is for the Winter Carnival crate and can be redeemed by any PUBG: New State player.

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