PS 3, PlayStation 3 are included in the list of 3rd generation consoles from Sony Computer Entertainment, and are included in the 7th generation console category in general. This console was first released on November 11, 2006 in Japan and continued until the end of March 2007. At that time the PlayStation 3 immediately became the toughest rival of Microsoft’s console, the Xbox 360, which was released first in November 2005. In general, the PlayStation 3 has a significant change compared to its predecessor PlayStation 2 in all respects. Pros: 1. PlayStation uses the latest technology, namely its cell processor, a type of processor that is optimized to perform floating point operations. Very different compared to other desktop processors because the ability of the PlayStation 3 cell processor to perform floating point operations is very good. Sony claims that the processor used on the PlayStation 3 is the most advanced processor today. 2. Another technology, PlayStation 3 already uses the Cross Media Bar, or XMB feature. This is the operating system that has been used previously on the PSX, PlayStation Portable and all the latest Sony televisions (Sony Bravia). 3. Like a PC device, the PlayStation 3 also has a feature for an Internet browser that can be accessed via the XMB menu. PlayStation 3 even offers multitasking features, whether it’s for listening to songs while accessing the internet (Browsing). XMB PlayStation 3 is also capable of opening files with various formats ranging from music, photos, and videos. 4. New console, but can play games from old console. Yes, of course PlayStation 3 can be used to play various games from PlayStation and PlayStation 2 that follow the TRC (Technical Requirements Checklist). 5. The use of Blu-ray discs as a game distribution medium seems to be the right move for the PlayStation 3. Blu-ray discs are considered capable of storing more data than the DVD format. Its capabilities also include saving games in HD quality. 6. PlayStation 3 has a capable design, looks luxurious, plus a touch feature for the open / close button on Blu-ray. 7. There is an online network available in PSN (PlayStation Network) which is an online network for games with multiplayer mode. Disadvantages 1. There was a controversy that once occurred when Sony stated that Linux OS would be installed on the PlayStation 3. But in fact all the PlayStation 3 sold did not have a Linux system. Finally Sony confirmed that the menu to install another OS is in the XMB menu. However, this backfired because Linux OS users on PS 3 were finally able to play pirated games. 2. It is unfortunate that the PlayStation 3 was not able to use memory cards and joysticks from the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. To save game data, users could only save game data on a virtual memory card created from the PlayStation 3. 3. Initially the PlayStation 3 was launched in 2 versions, namely the 60 GB version and the 20 GB version. But unfortunately Sony states that the 20 GB variant cannot be upgraded to 60 GB. As an alternative, Sony released the PlayStation 3 with 40 GB, and still there is a drawback that it does not include the Backward Compatibility feature so that it is no longer able to play PlayStation 2 and PlayStation games. 4. PlayStation 3 was heavily criticized when it added the 6-Way Movement Sensor (SIXAXIS) because it was considered to be imitating the Nintendo Wii console controller system. 5. The security system of the PlayStation Network was questioned, this is because PSN was attacked by hackers so that it was temporarily closed on April 19, 2011. Reportedly there were about 130 servers, 50 software programs, and 77 million PSN user accounts. 6. The price is quite expensive, especially in Indonesia at the beginning of its launch, the PlayStation 3 is priced up to around 9 million for the 60 GB version. Although in the end the price dropped drastically. 7. In general, sales of the PlayStation 3 have not been able to compete with its class consoles such as the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Even the presence of the slim PS 3 version has not been able to boost sales of the PS 3 to surpass the Xbox and Wii. SOURCE : http://www.plimbi.com/review/127682/playstation-3 #PLAYSTATION3 #PS3 #PLAYSTATION


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