Samsung car in Asphalt 4,5,6 and 2d java

Samsung car was first appeared in Asphalt 4 and now it recently existed asphalt 6 and still looks not bad at and it’s reused models from other cars like lamborghini, ferrari and other cars

Hope you guyslike this video👍

Download links:

Asphalt 4:

The Emulator I used is EKA2L1
It’s available on playstore!

Game link

The rom I used is Nokia 5800

Nokia 5800 rom firmware link

Tutorial to install the game

Asphalt 5:

Asphalt 5 mod apk link:!ZGD5LGR2ZzSvLmH0MQp2AGDlMTRjBTcQFyWEFTu3FxWmK2R5Lj==

Asphalt 6:

Note: if you’re using high end Android device with high resolution then use X8 sandbox cuz this asphalt 6 version is based on Samsung s2 which runs Mali gpu and 480p resolution only
Use cpu-Z app to check your device specs
And if you’re device is not Mali then this version cause crash so there’s no possible way to fix

Asphalt 6 WCG link:!ZGSuMwR2AmLmZQR1ZQSxZQN1MTExLGOKp2Agn25sHR01rzZ5MN==

Asphalt 4 and 6 java:

The emulator I used is J2me loader
It’s available in playstore

No need setup like eka2l1 just click plus button and select jar file of asphalt 4 and 6 and it installs and open them

Asphalt 4 jar link:

S8000 version (480×800):

The version that I used in this video
B7722 version (240×320):

Asphalt 6 jar link:

Join Discord if you’re true fan of old legendary asphalt games:

0:00 intro

0:20 asphalt 4 Samsung car gameplay

3:22 asphalt 4 Samsung car java gameplay

6:37 asphalt 5 Samsung car gameplay

10:07 asphalt 6 samsung car gameplay

14:09 asphalt 6 samsung car java gameplay

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