Sons of the Forest Delayed Again to February 23rd, 2023

Endnight Games has announced another delay for its first-person survival horror title Sons of the Forest. Previously slated for October 2022it’s now launching on February 23rd, 2023. In a new tweet, the developer said that pinpointing an exact release date had been “hard” due to the game’s scope.

It thus feels that “one last” delay is needed to “complete the polish we feel is needed.” Sons of the Forest will retail for $29.99 and launch for PC via Steam. As a sequel to The Forest, the story sees players searching for a missing billionaire on a remote island. Unfortunately, they come face to face with various mutants and nightmares.

Like its predecessor, Sons of the Forest allow complete freedom to do whatever you want. Battle mutants, build a cabin, or explore the island. You’ll want to be careful at night though, given the horrors that roam the landscape. The seasons will also pose a challenge, with food becoming more scarce in the Winter. Of course, there are also ominous areas underground to explore.

Stay tuned for more details and hopefully some gameplay from Sons of the Forest in the coming months.

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