Spider-Man mods are here, you can already play as Black Cat or Stan Lee and wear the symbiote suit

We’ve waited long enough. After all that time impatiently modding Spider-Man into other games like GTA San Andreas, GTA 4and of course, Skyrimnow we can finally mod Spider-Man Remastered. Which means we’ll reskin him as someone else.

Among the first batch are mods to turn Spider-Man into Black Cat (opens in new tab) and Stan Lee (opens in new tab)though neither has any animations yet. You’ll be stuck in an A-pose, which is probably fine for the screenshot memes these are made for. Spider-modding on PC is in its infancy, with a lot of the usual tedious reshades filling NexusMods, though I do like the look of New York Black (opens in new tab). It doesn’t just turn everything black and white, but promises “Increased contrast, blacks are darker, whites a little more tame, and some bloom and film grain for the old movie feel.”

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