Star Seeker in: the Secret of the Sorcerous Standoff for Nintendo Switch

Good news: magic is real! Bad news: magic is highly illegal. Star Seeker is a wizard and you must solve a wizard crime or else get thrown in wizard jail by wizard- I mean, just regular police. In this short point ‘n’ click adventure, collect evidence and use it to clear up the useless detective’s many confusions- and don’t worry about getting it wrong. Every hare-brained idea you can possibly pitch to the detective prompts unique dialogue!

* A short, one-room point-and-click mystery dense with clues
* Unique responses for every combination of clue and question
* Customizable pronouns in the options
* Gorgeous pixelart and a magical original soundtrack
* There is a goat in it, and it goes “maaaaaa”
* If you don’t think that last one is a selling point then I don’t know what to tell you

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